14+ Best Wedding Caterers to Feed Your Guests Delicious Food in 2022

San Francisco is world-renowned for its amazing cuisine. People travel internationally just to taste culinary creations of some of the most innovative chefs in SF, the East Bay, and Wine Country. Most San Franciscans are familiar with the Michelin Guide and the fact that our city is littered with Stars, James Beard awards, celebrity chefs. The area is also home to some elite personal chefs and caterers who come with varying pricing structures and cooking styles. This list includes a myriad. Why is this list free to read?

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Foxtail Catering

Foxtail Catering offers event production with all the services needed by creating unique events using custom menus, catered contemporary food and drink, floral design, floor planning, venue selection, entertainment, and much more to make for a perfect event. They work with dozens of venues in the San Fransisco area to ensure clients have the best backdrop for their event. Currently the business offers both hybrid and virtual event planning as well as for corporation events. They also offer unique wedding plans with a variety of themes to choose from that are tailored to create an amazing day for the bride and groom. Foxtail Catering makes it possible for guests who are unable to attend the event to be part of it with mailed gift boxes.

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Fraiche is a fully-fledged catering and events company. They have a team of a dedicated team that ensures that your event becomes a success. Based on what you want, their planners and chefs will design an event that will give it a unique experience. Their planners develop a written proposal that captures all the important aspects of the event and then works meticulously towards actualizing the plan. They offer both corporate and private events planning services. With respect to corporate events, their team works to ensure that you realize the underlying goal of the event. Fraiche works tirelessly to craft every aspect of food and service. Some of their services include venue selection, catering, floral and decors, event design and d├ęcor, floor plans, entertainment, and vendor selection. Regarding private events, their event planners will work to design a perfect occasion of your choice.

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Culinary Eye

Culinary Eye Catering and Events brings creative menus to life. The company has been in business since 2010. Their goal is to make every catered event more special and memorable. The team of culinary experts prepares unique dishes that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the taste buds. The chefs combine their culinary expertise with their flair for artistry. Culinary Eye Catering and Events begins with the freshest and high quality products. They hand select the finest ingredients to ensure the best and most delicious results for their clients.

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49 SQ Catering

49 SQ Catering is a unique catering service that also offers a team of event planning professionals to help ensure that the food and the event are a success. They have privileges with a number of different venues in San Francisco, CA as well as having privileges at the Craneway Pavillion, Fox Theater, USS Hornet, and Campoveda. They have gained raving reviews from their clientele that attest to the 49 SQ Catering's ability to create successful and amazing events. Food and venues make them a perfect choice for event staff and project teams.

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Knight's Catering

Since 1963, Knight's Catering & Events has provided professional catering and production services at a wide range of events in the San Francisco Bay Area, including parties, dinners, weddings and corporate functions. For weddings, Knight's has a team of wedding specialists available to help couples plan and arrange every aspect of their wedding from scouting locations to find the perfect venue to supplying custom catering services. They even help the bride and groom and their party find and select perfect clothes for the occasion. Knight's Catering and Events also offers daily catering services in addition to their corporate event ones, including drop-off services. They work with clients to provide premium catering for annual addresses, box luncheons, cocktail receptions, dinner receptions, executive roundtables, holiday parties, office picnics, political events, product launches, seminars and theatrical events.

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Chef Rozanna

Chef Rozanna Catering is about so many things that so many clients really love. This is a full service catering company. They are an organic artesian company that offers wonderfully delectable food. People can count on them for highly exquisite services that will make any party a total success. That is because they offer full event planning for many types of events in San Francisco. Work with them to create a fabulous wedding. Contact this company for any kind of corporate event you have in mind. They also do other events so well. That includes any type of private parties. It also includes terrific home events such as formal dinners or more laid back events for your and all your cherished guests to enjoy today.

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Left Coast Catering

Delicious food and exceptional service are the order of the day at Left Coast Catering. The net result? Happy people. At this company, they're pleased to report they put thoughtfulness into every single thing they do each day. Their style and entirely vibrant. They also offer a service based catering plan in which the client always takes center stage. No matter how large or how small the event, this is one company that is ready to rise to the challenge and give it their all. They want everything they do to be memorable. That is why they collaborate with their clients before they do anything else. They've been doing this well for a long time and have earned lots of loyal clients in the process.

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Global Gourmet Catering

Global Gourmet Catering does so much. They offer stellar food made from fine ingredients by caring experts. They also provide seamless service that allows any event to flow with great ease. This is a company that is all about the needs of the client. Every single event they cater begins by listening to the what the client wants and bringing it to life. All the food they serve is based on the ideal of sustainable options that make the most of local ingredients. Everything they offer to eat is restaurant quality. Their goal is an experience that is of the highest possible caliber at the location of your choice. You can pick from varied menu options. They'll do the rest for you in San Francisco.

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Above & Beyond Catering

Above & Beyond Catering has been one of San Francisco's premier catering establishments since 2005. They emphasize three priorities: Delivering and serving right on schedule; using fresh, high-quality ingredients; And preparing meals that will excite and delight. Above & Beyond Catering's step-by-step planning system is easy to use and can be done on-line or by phone. They are experienced in corporate functions and personal get-togethers of all sizes and descriptions. They offer drop-off deliveries and full-service catering as their client prefers.

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Stag Dining Group

Thoughtful connections in the modern world are extremely important. Stag Dining Group is right there to help you bring off a party that encourages such connections. They create unique ways that people can connect with fabulous food and wonderful things to drink. They bring in food from top chefs right to your door. That means food that is pleasing to all of your senses. Every single one of the plates they bring out has one goal in mind: to make you and your guests happy. They can do it all. That means helping a client pull of a small and delightful intimate dinner in the comfort of their own home. It also means large events with many guests and lots of great food to eat.

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SF Catering Company

SF Catering Company makes catering simple. They do many kinds of catering for their clients. This includes both private catering for individual clients as well as corporate catering for large events. If you're holding a wedding, get in touch with them and find out what they can do to make your party a success. The same is true if you run a company and you're hosting guests from out of town. They know how to bring passion to all they do for their clients. That is why they have so many happy clients who are pleased with their work. Choose from many menu options to make it all work. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, lots of appetizers and a full array of totally tempting desserts.

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Esposto's is a full service catering company located in San Francisco. For over six decades, clients have relied on them to help plan their event from start to finish. The company is family owned and operated. The Esposto family takes great pride in everything they do, and that heartfelt approach shines through in every menu item they create. They offer an extensive variety of food choices. The team at Esposto's Caterering works closely with their clients to help them customize the perfect menu for their special event.

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McCall's Catering

Bringing your vision to life is important. You want a great experience for your guests and you want it now. That is why you need to have McCall's Catering at your side. You can share your concept of a party with them. They know exactly how to do the rest. You have dreams. They know this and that is why they can help you. They've been one of the most admired catering companies in San Francisco for over four decades. In the process, they've won lots of rave reviews. Guests are at the forefront when they design menus they know are sure to please lots of families. They also bring in the kind of service that makes any party a fabulous experience for everyone attending.

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Small Potatoes

At Small Potatoes, they have certain important principles they can promise every single person who works with them. What they really offer in the end is a wonderful memory that you and your guests can share together. They know that you love your guests. They do too. That is why they provide food that is classic and yet entirely creative and fun at the same time. Every single detail they put in place is done with your needs in mind. They have the kind of food you'll want to eat again and again. When you hire this San Francisco based caterer, you're getting people who can do it all from food and drink to really fabulous service. They care very much about your catering needs.

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Work of Art Catering

Work of Art Catering and Events has many years of catering experience. They've been in the business of catering meals since 1991. They have a team of skilled caterers ready for anything a client might have in mind. Their approach to the world of catering is all about raising the bar and meeting it every single time. They are committed to excellence and it shows. They know exactly how to pay careful attention to all those little details that go into preparing and serving food. Each bite they bring with them to a party has been carefully designed to maximize your eating pleasure. All the ingredients they select and use for your event are all about creating an exciting end result for any party goers.


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