San Francisco is the home to posh weddings, giant corporate events, and fun parties for virtually no reason at all. Each of these need great catering, and fortunately, the Bay Area is also one of the world's culinary destinations. These 26 caterers are known for providing the best food services in SF. Why is this list free?

Arugello Catering
Best Featured Caterers

Arguello Catering is your best bet for all of your catering needs in San Francisco. With more than 40 years of combined experience in hospitality, dining, and event planning, Arguello Catering’s staff is known for going above and beyond to deliver amazing food and service. What sets Arguello Catering apart is what the guests say about the food after each event, it’s no wonder they’ve worked hundreds of weddings and events, and whose list of corporate clients includes CPMC, Department of Public Health, KQED, and University of San Francisco. Contact Arguello Catering today to get the job done right.

L'Chaim Catering
#1 of 25 Best Caterers

L’Chaim Catering is a catering service company that provides culinary offerings throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. The company is based in the city of San Francisco. Its menu items are seasonal and vary throughout the year, but include such themes as sushi, Texas BBQ, French Bistro, and New York Steakhouse. The company serves kosher and halal food items and works with both small and large corporations to customize meals. Some of the events that L’Chaim caters are weddings, holiday parties, bar mitzvahs, live stations, and in-home receptions. The company partners with several local restaurants to customize business dinners for various clients.

Jane Hammond Events
#2 of 25 Top Event Catering

Jane Hammond Events is a full-service event planning and catering company. For over 4 decades, the company has been providing catering services across the San Francisco region. The company is fully licensed and insured. Jane Hammond Events supplies customers with any event-related service they may need. Some of these offerings include floral design, music, lighting, production, and partnerships with many venues in the Bay Area. Its catering team begins the process by assigning a dedicated manager to each client so that customers can focus their energy on entertaining guests instead of operational details. The company will also design custom menus and food choices for each client that it works with.

Carrie Dove Catering
#3 of 25 Leading Bay Area Caterers

With offices in Oakland and Sonoma, Carrie Dove Catering has the entire Bay Area covered. It offers a wide range of catering services from which clients can choose. Some of its specialties within catering are weddings, corporate, and private events. The company works with dozens of venues, both within the city of San Francisco and the surrounding regions. Is food mainly falls under the category of California Cuisine, and is made with local and sustainable ingredients. The company appoints a team to all of its event planning and will make sure all of the details of the event are taken care of. Carrie Dove Catering customizes its services for clients, as well.

Betty Zlatchin Catering
#4 of 25 Top-Notch SF Catering Companies

Located in the heart of the city of San Francisco, Betty Zlatchin Catering provides catering services to many clients. The company mainly caters to weddings, corporate events, and any type of celebration. Besides the food setup, Betty Zlatchin Catering also handles the rest of the necessary details to make the event go smoothly. This includes lighting, décor, and cleanup of the event. The company boasts fresh, farm-to-table culinary offerings, with ingredients sourced from local farms and dairies. It is a preferred vendor at many Bay Area venues, including the Exploratorium, San Francisco City Hall, the Asian Art Museum, and the Conservatory of Flowers.

Culinary Eye
#5 of 25 Top Caterers

Culinary Eye is a catering and events business located in San Francisco and serving the greater Bay Area. Since 2010. The company has strived to combine food with art and entertainment. It customizes experiences with clients and will try to develop a creative event as the client and company can come up with. Clients can choose between weddings, corporate events, or special events. From that point, a venue is picked out from an extensive list, and the theme of the party and food details are worked out. Culinary Eye will also ensure that all of the smaller requirements are taken care of, such as permits, lighting, a/v, photography, and valet services.

49 Square Catering
#6 of 25 Leading Event Catering

49 Square Catering is a catering services company that serves the entire Bay Area, from Monterey through the Wine Country. The company is headquartered in San Francisco and is a preferred vendor of many venues scattered throughout the city. Some of these venues include Aquarium of the Bay, Bespoke, The Warfield Theater, and the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. The company describes its food as “playful,” and guests are encouraged to be creative in the design of their menus for their guests. Additionally, the displays at the company’s events are often interactive and encourage fun and participation for guests.

Salt & Honey Catering
#7 of 25 Top-Notch Bay Area Caterers

Salt and Honey Catering is a full-service catering company that operates throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. The company uses local and sustainable food sources for its dishes. Its food incorporates many cuisines into its menu, including Mexican, French, Italian, and Caribbean ingredients. Salt and Honey Catering specializes in weddings and corporate events but will work with clients to create personalized events of all types. The company also provides support for the day of the event, such as floral arrangements, lighting, and menu customization. Another service the company has is everyday food catering. It will supply organizations with balanced meals, and a team of employees to set up and break down mealtime.

Ulisess Catering
#8 of 25 Best SF Catering Companies

Ulisess Catering is a catering company that serves the Peninsula as well as many areas around San Francisco. Not only does the company supply food and beverage for various events, but it also provides linens, glassware, and china. It caters to many events, including weddings, parties, corporate events, birthdays, business meetings, and private events. Ulisess Catering prides itself on using fresh, organic ingredients in all of its food preparation. It fuses local Northern California ingredients with Mexican, American, and Italian cuisines. Its specialty is the continental buffet, which contains a wide variety of dishes ranging from different types of salads to tri-tip and chicken piccata.

Le's Kitchen Catering
#9 of 25 Leading Caterers

Le’s Kitchen Catering is an Asian catering business that provides a full range of services. It caters to customers throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area. It specializes in weddings and other special events and combines Chinese with Southeast Asian culinary selections in its menus. Some food offerings include unique creations like Crispy Wonton Bacon Wrapped Shrimp and Thai Basil Chicken Cup. Le’s Kitchen Catering has the designation of being the exclusive Asian caterer for many venues in San Francisco, the Peninsula, and across the East and South Bay. Some of these venues include the Presidio, the Kohl Mansion, and Nestldown. The company is also one of the few solely female-owned and operated catering companies in the region.

Componere Fine Catering
#10 of 25 Top-Notch Event Catering

Componere Fine Catering is a certified Green Business, providing catering services across the San Francisco Bay Area. It strives to pay attention to all of the details that make up quality cuisine, as well as seamless events. The company has its farm in Marin County that supplies all-natural fruits, nuts, honey, and eggs to its catering kitchens. Componere Fine Catering provides many services to its customers. Events that it caters to include weddings, corporate gatherings, and private events. It also has a unique service of catering destination events. The company also works with the Bay Area Rescue Mission and offers pop-up benefit dinners at its kitchen to help the community.

Fork & Spoon Catering
#11 of 25 Best Bay Area Caterers

Located in the city of San Francisco, Fork and Spoon Catering provides catering services for customers throughout the region. One main service that the company provides is catering to private events. Some of these events are comprised of bar and bat mitzvahs, group trips to Wine Country, and urban gatherings. The company covers all of the details, from food to valet parking. It also provides catering services to weddings of various sizes. These events include floral arrangements and displays, acquisition of sub-vendors, as well as customized menus. Additionally, Fork and Spoon Catering works with corporate events. The company will schedule consultations with corporate clients to ensure that all of the intricacies of the event are taken care of.

Left Coast Catering
#12 of 25 Best Caterers

Since 1994, Left Coast Catering has been providing a vast array of catering and event planning services to residents of the San Francisco Bay Area. The company strives to be environmentally conscious, through such measures as a solar-powered kitchen. It also purchases sustainable fish and free-range meat. Left Coast Catering offers a range of social events catering, including weddings, cocktail parties, private events, and holiday events. Corporate clients can work with the company, with a large selection of events that the company can provide catering for. Some of these events are launches, openings, board meetings, conferences, and holiday events. Left Coast Catering additionally provides delivery of its cuisine throughout the area.

Joshua Charles Catering
#13 of 25 Top Event Catering

Joshua Charles Catering is a full-service catering business that has been in operation since 2004. It serves a large swath of the Bay Area, from the Peninsula to the City and surrounding areas. The company provides a free quote to prospective customers, as well. It has a long list of services, including corporate events, holiday celebrations, weddings, cocktail parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, and memorial services. The company presents sustainably harvested meats and produce, and will personalize menus to clients’ needs. It covers many other areas of event planning, such as lighting, décor, and floral touches. It offers a set of themed menus in addition to any customizations that clients would like to make.

Aroma Buena
#14 of 25 Leading Bay Area Caterers

Aroma Buena is a San Francisco-based catering company with a unique twist: it has a Hispano World theme throughout its cuisine. Hispano World cuisine is a combination of Spanish, Iberian, Latino, and Caribeno ingredients and style. It also offers more traditional dishes, such as barbecue and sandwiches. The company also prepares breakfasts, box lunches, sunset tapas, and more. Aroma Buena services many types of events, both corporate and private gatherings. Some corporate events that it caters are classes, conferences, meetings, and company retreats. Its private offerings include family gatherings, birthdays, and receptions. The company is environmentally-conscious and it uses eco-friendly serve ware.

Taste Catering
#15 of 25 Top-Notch SF Catering Companies

Taste Catering is a catering services company based in Millbrae. It works with customers in San Francisco and much of the Bay Area. The company partners with local farmers and utilizes local, seasonal ingredients in its cuisine. Along with its customizable menus, Taste Catering provides all of the necessary services that go into the planning of an event. These include décor, bar service, photography, music, entertainment, calligraphy, and audiovisual equipment. The company will help clients decide on different venues throughout the area, from museums to mansions. Taste Catering has been in business since 1978 and aims to commit many of its resources to help the community.

Ladies Who Lunch
#16 of 25 Top Caterers

Ladies Who Lunch was founded in 2002. It provides catering services to both corporate clients and individuals in and around San Francisco. Its menus are varied, depending on the event and the desires of the client. However, they are all built with local seasonal ingredients. Ladies Who Lunch prides itself on its eco-conscious business practices, as well as its use of sustainable ingredients. The company caters events of all sizes, from intimate cocktail parties to large corporate gatherings. The décor team of the company also strives to create elegant and ambitious displays and themed environments. The company handles all of the components involved in the event planning.

Work of Art
#17 of 25 Leading Event Catering

Work of Art is a catering and event production company based in the city of San Francisco and serving the greater Bay Area. It began operating in 1991 and has grown to include chefs, designers, and service professionals. It focuses its menus on local Northern California agricultural products and partners with local farmers and vendors. It boasts a global menu while utilizing locally-sourced ingredients. Work of Art has an expansive set of menus, all of which can be customized by clients. It has a corporate menu, complete with buffet setups, stations, and dessert carts. It also has wedding cuisine, ranging from cocktail items to cupcake carts. The company also provides catering for private events, where the menu can change as much as the individual clients and influence of the venues dictate.

Blue Bird Culinary
#18 of 25 Top-Notch Bay Area Caterers

Based out of San Francisco, Blue Bird Culinary is a catering company that provides an expansive set of services. It will offer catering services for events in private residences, public spaces, as well as at various venues throughout the Bay Area. One of its many services is menu design and customization. It works with clients to establish different cuisine on each menu, based on the client’s requests. The company strives to create unique dishes of the highest quality every time. Besides on-site catering, it will drop off food items for clients, as well. Bar services are also provided. Blue Bird Culinary also provides event staffing and event rentals.

Barbary Coast Catering
#19 of 25 Best SF Catering Companies

Barbary Coast Catering is a licensed and insured beverage service company, catering to clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. It offers a wide assortment of bar services for both small-scale and large-scale events. The company possesses all of the licenses and permits needed to cater an event anywhere in the Bay Area. These licenses include liquor licenses as well as liability insurance. The costs of the different levels of bar services are posted online. Barbary Coast Catering’s full bar service includes all of the necessary duties that need to happen for a successful event. This includes glassware, staff, mixers, and breakdown/cleanup of the event.

Healthy Roots
#20 of 25 Leading Caterers

Healthy Roots is a San-Francisco based personal catering company. It has a unique approach within the catering space. The company provides customized meals to individuals and families, under the premise of delivering healthy, sustainable cuisine. It uses organic ingredients as much as possible. The process begins with a free consultation online or over the phone. The chef discusses with clients the different nutritional needs and requests that they have. Healthy Roots sends its chef to the clients’ homes, where he prepares their individualized meals. Usually, a week’s worth of meals is prepared and stored in clients’ refrigerator. Any other services, such as cleanup, are provided by the company.

Grace Street Catering
#21 of 25 Top-Notch Event Catering

Grace Street Catering is a full-service catering, floral, and event design company. It is headquartered in San Francisco and provides multiple catering services to the surrounding region. It has been in operation since 1987. Its cuisine is varied and shaped by the client. Offerings range from elegant Southern dinners to cocktail feasts to multi-course served dinners. Besides food, Grace Street Catering also has an extensive selection of bar catering opportunities. One beverage option it promotes is a beer and wine selection. It also has several full bar options: well, call, and premium beer, wine, and liquor selections. The company works with several venues scattered throughout the City and beyond.

Global Gourmet
#22 of 25 Best Bay Area Caterers

Global Gourmet is a San-Francisco based catering service. It is a Bay Area Green Business certified company. It focuses on organic, local, and sustainable ingredients in its catering cuisine. Other environmentally-conscious practices it performs are recycling, water conservation, and community involvement. The company specializes in corporate events, weddings, receptions, and intimate fine dining experiences. Additionally, it contracts as the exclusive in-house food and drink provider for several Bay Area venues. It has partnerships with nearly 60 other venues, as well. Some of these are the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, the Asian Art Museum, the Legion of Honor, and the Fox Theater Oakland.

Above & Beyond
#23 of 25 Best Caterers

Above and Beyond is a full-service catering company, serving the Bay Area. It aims to be consistent, prompt, and reliable throughout its cuisine selection, delivery, and presentation. Since 2005, Above and Beyond has been specializing in corporate and special events. Northern California agricultural bounty serves as its inspiration, and the company strives to use these local ingredients in its dishes. Besides a methodical corporate drop-off system, the company also supplies catering services for special events. Some of these special events are weddings, mitzvahs, anniversaries, open houses, and quinceaneras. Above and Beyond will also handle other duties, such as floral, décor, and entertainment requirements.

Crystal Springs Catering
#24 of 25 Top Event Catering

Crystal Springs Catering is a family-owned and operated business and has been serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 1989. Over the years, it has adapted to many changing trends in lifestyles and needs. It is a certified Bay Area Green Business and works with many different clients’ dietary requirements. The company has a long list of services that it offers. Some of these are corporate catering, weddings, private events, holiday events, barbecue and tailgate catering, and bartending services. Many vendors have taken Crystal Springs Catering as their preferred caterer. Some of these vendors are the Computer History Museum, The Green Room, and Long Branch Ranch.

LRE Catering
#25 of 25 Leading Bay Area Caterers

LRE Catering is a full-service catering, planning, and design company that serves the entire Bay Area. It has been in operation for more than 20 years. For over 10 of those years, LRE Catering has solely used 100% organic produce, sustainable seafood, and all-natural meat from small, local farms. The company specializes in catering weddings and private events. From venue selection to menu customization, LRE handles all of the details of the wedding event. It will also select and manage vendors, entertainment, lighting, as well as secure any necessary permits. Its private events services include upscale catering with personalized menus, florals, décor, beverage planning and pairing, photography, and valet services.



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