A BART maintenance vehicle derailed early Wednesday near 19th Street Station in Oakland, and this has led to some emergency work and the halting of some service out of Richmond.

The incident happened around 3:30 am Wednesday, and the maintenance vehicle derailed either in 19th Street Station, or between there and MacArthur Station.

BART issued alerts Wednesday morning that Red Line service — direct trains between Richmond and Millbrae — was canceled due to "emergency track work." That work includes the re-railing of the maintance vehicle that derailed.

As a result, one of the tracks leading into 19th Street Station is out of commission, and trains are having to use a single track to pass through in the Berryessa and San Francisco directions.

A release from BART says there are "no major delays" in the system, and a service alert says to expect 10-minute delays on SFO-, Millbrae-, and Berryessa-bound trains. Trains may be stopping at different platforms than they typically do through downtown Oakland.

San Francisco-bound passengers coming from Richmond, El Cerrito and Berkeley who would normally take a Red Line train are being told to take an Orange Line train and transfer to a Yellow Line train at MacArthur Station.

Photo: Charles Forerunner