Graduation ceremonies went terribly wrong at Skyline High School in Oakland Thursday night, as a shooting after the ceremony left three people injured, and one suspect has reportedly been arrested.

Update (1:33 pm, May 24): Both NBC Bay Area and KRON4 are reporting that there were three shooting victims, and that one unnamed suspect has been arrested for the shooting. Though NBC Bay Area adds that Oakland Police are "looking for additional shooters. "

Original story (11:12 am, May 24): The Chronicle reports on the disturbing news of a shooting at the graduation ceremonies at Skyline High School in Oakland shortly before 7:45 pm Thursday night. Families — and graduates in their hats and gowns — were sent scrambling for cover as the school was locked down. One adult man and another adult woman were hospitalized, though there are now confirmed reports that a third person was also injured. Two people were detained after the chaotic incident, and one has been arrested.

Chronicle photographer Scott Strazzante caught a harrowing photo in that report of the school surrounded by police cruisers with sirens blaring, but an LED sign for the ceremony still displaying the words “Congratulations graduating Titans ℅ 2024!!!!”

The KTVU tweet above shows the immediate convergence of Oakland Police and California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers on the scene. There is conflicting reporting on whether two people or three people were shot. KTVU says “3 injured,” and KGO’s report notes two people were shot, but also adds that “Another person was also reportedly hit by gunfire and showed up at a hospital by their own means.” (Note: Three people are now confirmed to have been injured.)

The video above shows the moment at which shots were fired, and there is clearly already some manner of fight underway. (Several different social media hucksters are claiming ownership of this video, and an earlier version appeared on Instagram without the watermark from another source about an hour earlier.)  Though as KTVU rightfully notes, “It wasn't immediately clear if this tussle had anything to do with the shooting.”

“On what was a joyous last day of school for us all, I regret to tell you that there was a shooting in the area of our athletic field at around 7:40 pm,” Skyline High principal Rebecca Huang said in a statement picked up by the Chronicle. “Unfortunately, several people were injured. The incident happened well after our graduation ceremony had concluded, and after many students, families, and staff had left the campus. Some people remained on the field wrapping up the celebration and some staff members were cleaning up, when the shooting began.”

Oakland Police Department lieutenant Robert Trevino gave a press conference just after 10 pm Thursday night, seen above. “We just finished up with a search of the school with the assistance of CHP,” he said at the time. “At the moment we are in the preliminary stages of the investigation. Our investigators are out, piecing all the information together. Again, it’s in the preliminary stage of the investigation.”

“There are some reports of some kind of dispute,” he added. “That is being looked into.”

Two individuals were detained, though new reporting Friday afternoon shows one person has been arrested, and Oakland Police are searching for more suspects.

New Oakland police chief Floyd Mitchell was forced to leave his first Police Commission meeting to survey the scene.

Yes, as many publications point out in their reporting, actor Tom Hanks graduated from this same Skyline High. Though it seems more significant, as KTVU reminds us, that there was another shooting at Skyline High in September at the beginning of the school year, creating terrible bookends for this year’s academic class. No one was injured in that shooting.  

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Image: Oakland Police Department via Facebook