We are coming up on three years that Shannon O'Connor, the mother of two boys at Los Gatos High School who was arrested in 2021 for throwing illegal, booze-drenched parties for teens at her home, has been behind bars.

The 49-year-old O'Connor was indicted by a grand jury this past October on 67 counts — 20 of which are felony counts of child endangerment and aiding and abetting sexual assault. After numerous delays, and attempts by O'Connor to get the charges pleaded down, the case is now most likely headed to trial this year.

As NBC Bay Area reports, O'Connor has a new private defense attorney, Stephen Prekoski, who appeared in court Wednesday to request 90 days to get himself up to speed on the case. The judge reportedly granted Prekoski's request.

Speaking to NBC Bay Area, Prekoski said he had "somewhere between 30 and 50,000 pages of material" to review, "and that is exclusive of the grand jury material that was generated last October, which is also going to be voluminous."

"The next 90 days are going to be about me reading the case and getting the landscape," Prekoski said.

He added that the district attorney had "moved this case away from easy potential resolution... so my suspicion is that the writing is on the wall and the case is going to have to be tried."

Prekoski also expressed surprise that his new client has been held without bail for the better part of three years.

"She's been held without bail since the moment she was arrested. That is typically reserved for most serious offenders," Prekoski tells NBC. "It's capital murder bail, for instance. She's clearly not a murderer. She is, in fact, I think, very, very unlikely to be a repeat offender. And so, as far as the public safety concerns, I guess what I'm saying is, I'm a little bit surprised that that was the ultimate decision."

The incidents in the case occurred between June 2020 and May 2021, during which time O'Connor is accused of hosting multiple alcohol-fueled parties at her Los Gatos home and at rented homes in Lake Tahoe and elsewhere for teens aged 14 to 15. These included a birthday party for her son, who turned 15 in October 2020.

The statement of facts in the case from the prosecution includes many disturbing allegations centered on O'Connor encouraging and coercing minor girls to engage in sexual activity with her son or other boys. In some cases, this allegedly rose to the level of non-consensual acts and assault, often with extremely intoxicated minors.

Most of the student victims in the case, at least a couple of whom were minor girls at the time of the assaults in question, have now graduated high school and may or may not be living locally, which could present a challenge in bringing the case to trial — though there are likely parents who remain more than willing to testify. At least one of the victims expressed an interest to put the case behind her, and declined to testify in earlier hearings.

"The reason that we chose to go to grand jury was because there were so many unnecessary delays… The grand jury was a way to ensure that our victims were not retraumatized by this process," says Deputy District Attorney Rebekah Wise, speaking to NBC Bay Area.

Wise also contends that O'Connor remains a threat to the public and the victims, which is the reason for her being held without bail.

The next hearing date in the case has been set for June 5.

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