• A pair of San Francisco tow-truck operators have had their city contract suspended and stand accused of scamming car owners as well as the state. According to the City Attorney's Office, Abigail Fuentes and Jose Badillo's towing businesses made $2 million per year, and they allegedly collected over $160,000 in welfare benefits from the state. [SF City Attorney]
  • A San Francisco resident waiting for a 38-Geary bus Monday night noticed what appeared to be a blinking red "SOS" distress signal in a top-floor window of the Hotel Stratford (242 Powell Street). Thinking this could be a message from a sex worker or human trafficking victim in distress, this person posted video to Reddit and called the police, but it turned out just to be an "eccentric tenant," who is the sole residential occupant of the hotel. [Chronicle]
  • Another video has gone viral of a brazen retail theft in the Bay Area, this time at the Apple Store on Bay Street in Emeryville. A kid can be seen stealing a couple dozen iPhones off of display tables, all while there was a police car right outside? [KTVU]
  • Santa Rosa’s 47-year-old La Tortilla Factory is closing next month and moving operations to… Kansas? The parent company is moving tortilla production to its other facilities, which include one in Kansas. [KTVU]
  • Chronicle sports guy Michael Silver is telling people not to bet on the 49ers winning the Super Bowl on Sunday. [Chronicle]
  • A San Francisco judge has tossed out a $1.7 billion lawsuit brought by the descendants of Serranus Hastings, who said that they're owed compensation for the removal of Hastings's name from UC's San Francisco law school. [Chronicle]
  • PG&E says that last weekend's storm was the worst in 30 years for power outages. [KRON4]
  • The Republican led House and Senate both failed in votes that Republicans thought they could win, at some point, showing once again that they can not govern to save themselves. [CNN]

Photo via La Tortilla Factory