The San Francisco Airport Commission has taken its vote and, predictably, it has unanimously approved the renaming of the International Terminal at SFO after the late Senator Dianne Feinstein.

We told you last month how there was a rapidly progressing movement to get Dianne Feinstein's name on a major SF landmark, namely the largest terminal at San Francisco International Airport. And now, following a Tuesday morning vote by the Airport Commission, things are going forward with the renaming.

As Bay City News reports, the commission voted unanimously in favor of renaming the terminal, and several people spoke at the hearing, including former Mayor Willie Brown.

"She was virtually an ambassador for the city and in particular an ambassador for the airport," Brown said, adding that the airport really began to grow while Feinstein was in the mayor's office. The airport's first international terminal, in fact, was built in 1983, while she was mayor — with the current terminal having been added in 2000.

"Just the name Dianne Feinstein will generate an instant response," Brown said, grandly. "And that response will only be positive, and it will be unparalleled throughout this country."

The process of renaming the terminal, which is to become the Dianne Feinstein International Terminal, still will have to go to the SF Board of Supervisors for a final vote, and then signed into law by the mayor. A similar process occurred six years ago with the renaming of Terminal 1 after Harvey Milk.

Feinstein, who died in September at the age of 90, became mayor on the day in 1978 that Milk and former mayor George Moscone were fatally shot inside City Hall. Feinstein was the one to find Milk's body, and she described the gruesome scene in many Senate hearings over the years on the topics of gun violence and gun control.

She went on to remain in public service until her dying day, literally casting her final vote in the Senate about 12 hours before she passed away.

The Dianne Feinstein 100 (plus) Committee, a group of civic leaders and former friends of the late senator, is at work to commemorate Feinstein in as many ways as possible around the Bay Area, with efforts also underway to rename a Navy ship, a bicycle trail along Lake Tahoe, Diamond Valley Lake in Southern California, and the Elk River Trail in Humboldt County after her.

The group has a website, which is called Dianne Feinstein Forever.

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