Millions of people are headed in and out of the Bay in this year’s holiday travel rush. And Bay Area airports are reporting that those numbers are way higher than last year’s.

SFO reports a 14% increase in travelers this holiday season, compared to 2022, according to KNTV. San Jose Airport has also seen a 9% jump this year. And per KTVU, Oakland International Airport expects a 3% increase over the same time period.

It’s unclear if that number takes into account the 2022 travel holiday season’s weather delays and infamous Southwest Airlines meltdown (the airline just agreed to a record-setting $140 million civil penalty for the mess on Monday, as Reuters reports).

Luckily, according to KNTV, there have been relatively few flight delays at SFO and San Jose this weekend amid the rush.

Still, Saturday, Dec. 23, saw high levels of traffic across California freeways, per SFGATE. But if you're headed out on the road last minute, Sunday, Dec. 24, and Monday, Dec. 25, should have minimal traffic.

Feature image via Unsplash/Duke Cullinan.