It’s probably not going to win Alameda County DA Pamela Price any converts in the recall campaign against her, but she’s throwing the book at the men charged with killing a retired officer who was shot while providing security for a KRON4 cameraman.  

It was just over two years ago when a  high-profile crime shocked the city of Oakland and the local news media scene, as retired Colma police officer Kevin Nishita was shot and killed in Oakland while providing security for a KRON4 news team. Two arrests were made a month later, and a Tuesday report from KRON4 has the news that both suspects will be charged with murder by Alameda County DA Pamela Price.

Previous Alameda County DA Nancy O’Malley had already charged the two men with murder, plus attempted robbery, and assault with a firearm. But Price has been known to drop charges O’Malley had brought, and Nishita’s surviving wife has been a leader in the movement to recall Price.

“My office has reached a decision regarding the charges against two of the three defendants accused of murdering Kevin Nishita,” Price said in a statement to KRON4. “We believe there is evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt to charge both defendants, Shadihia Mitchell and Hershel Hale, each with one count of first-degree murder.”

You’ll notice she said “three defendants.” The third suspect Laron Gilbert is still at large. And it may rile Price’s critics further that Bay Area News Group is reporting she’s dropping some sentencing enhancements against the suspects Mitchell and Hale, as prosecutors now believe that Gilbert was the one who pulled the trigger (they’d previously thought he was the getaway car driver).

But in terms of the late Kevin Nishita, KRON4 had a two-year remembrance last month on the anniversary of Nishita’s passing. “We’re reminded daily of his loss,” Colma Police Department commander Sherwin Lum told KRON4. “Just what he brought here, as far as his energy, his charisma, his humor, what he brought to this police department and this community.”

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Image: Town of Colma