Muni’s new trip planner and digital ticketing app MuniMobile is now up, running, and available for download, and the old app’s being discontinued on January 15, so it’s time to use up any fares you bought on the old one.

The SFMTA got into the app game in 2015, with an app that was largely just to buy tickets digitally, and assess where buses were, in ways that were generally less accurate than other transit apps.

The app has been through a number of changes since. The current incarnation is called SF Muni Buses, but that won’t be the current incarnation much longer. The Examiner reports that the agency just launched a new MuniMobile app, which the SFMTA claims offers “enhanced trip planning, service alerts and real-time transit predictions,” plus the ability to buy tickets on your smartphone.

“MuniMobile customers now can now download the new app to their smartphone,” the SFMTA said in a Monday release. “Customers will need to create a new user account with the new MuniMobile app as accounts are not transferrable. Anyone with active tickets on the previous MuniMobile app can use those tickets until they expire or until Jan. 15, whichever comes first.”

So yes, the previous SF Muni Buses app will be phased out on January 15, 2024, and your old purchases will no longer work after that date.

You can download the new MuniMobile app in the Apple App Store or on Google Play. And those direct links will work handily, because when we searched “Muni Mobile” in the Apple App Store search bar, we got like ten other apps that are not MuniMobile in the results. (Best to just use those direct links, or search the exact term “MuniMobile 2.")

The trip planner on the new app is integrated with other transit agencies for if your trip goes outside SF, so that’s a nice new thing. It shows what Muni stops are nearby, and also shows Muni vehicles in real time.

There is a whole sign-up rigamarole. And if you’re just buying  one transfer, it will only be good for the 120 minutes after your purchase. The only way to “bank” future transfers is to buy a 7-Day Muni + Cable Car Pass. So for Mobile Ticketing, the Clipper app is still a better and more flexible option.

Moreover, the MuniMobile trip planner directions come with nearly the exact same interface, and perhaps even the same data, as Google Maps. So at first glance, this new MuniMobile app only seems to do what other apps already do better, though it does have beefed-up trip planner capabilities compared to the previous version.

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Image via SFMTA