In a move that borders on masochism, Muni's Mobile app, which launched for mobile ticketing last November, will soon prompt users to rate their Muni experience. You know, like Yelp for the SFMTA.

"Rate My Ride will allow you to provide specific feedback about any Muni trip in seconds," spokesperson Staci Morrison writes on Muni's blog. "With a simple click to the left or right, you can rate your trip time, vehicle conditions and even the etiquette of fellow riders."

The app, in a new updated version but not yet with the rate my ride feature, is available in the app store and the android shoppe. How's that rated? "one star is a perfect rating for this app" user nedroGmaL wrote in March.

Speaking of Yelp for the SFMTA, did you know that plenty of Muni lines already do have Yelp pages? If those are any indication, the coming Mobile app reviews of bus conditions will be, uh, mixed at best.

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