The 2025 NBA All-Star Game will be played here in San Francisco at the Chase Center, as the league announced today, and we can’t wait to hear TNT analyst Charles Barkley complain again that he has to come back to the city that loves to hate him.

When word leaked in late September that San Francisco might get the 2025 NBA All-Star Game, it was just days after when we also learned that SF might get a WNBA team. And we figured the two would go hand-in-hand; that is, if SF was awarded the WNBA team to start playing in May 2025, then that February 2025 All-Star Game would essentially be an extended commercial for that upcoming new women’s basketball team. And sure enough, it was confirmed that SF would get a WNBA team with an early October announcement.

And so it followed Monday, that NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced the 2025 All-Star Game would be in San Francisco, according to the Bay Area News Group. Silver was flanked by SF Mayor London Breed, who said at a Monday press conference that the event would bring 135,000 visitors to the city.

“It’s not just about the economy but the excitement,” Breed said at the press conference.

Breed is understandably gloating it up (though honestly, there is no guarantee she will still be mayor when this February 2025 game comes to town.) But Steph Curry and Draymond Green should both still be in their current employment situations, as both have Warriors contracts that run through that season. Klay Thompson, meanwhile is currently on the final year of his Warriors contract, so we'll see if he gets that contract extension. And of course, we can't predict who will make the roster of an All-Star Game that won’t be played until more than 15 months from now.

But sorry, Charles Barkley! The NBA All-Star game will still be televised on TNT in 2025, which means TNT analyst and vocal SF hater Charles Barkley will be forced to come back to San Francisco. You’ll recall that fans pelted Barkley with debris on live television during the 2022 Western Conference Finals, following Barkley taunting Warriors fans just days before with the shout, “I’m going to come to your house and fuck your mama!

The Bay Area has not hosted the NBA  All-Star Game since the year 2000, when they still played in Oakland back during the Warriors’ awful Mookie Blaylock-Antawn Jamison era. That game did not represent them well. There were no Warriors on the All-Star team that year, and then-owner Chris Cohan was booed off the floor.

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