• Three passengers on the Alaska Airlines flight on which an off-duty pilot allegedly took mushrooms and tried to disrupt the engine operations filed a class action suit in King County Superior Court in Washington state, claiming emotional distress. The plaintiffs, Matthew Dolan, Theresa Stelter, and Paul Stephen, said they experienced nausea on subsequent flights, insomnia, anxiety, and flashbacks, and also named Alaska Airlines affiliate Horizon Air as a defendant in the lawsuit. [NBC]
  • An adult male surfer at Ocean Beach in San Francisco was found in a critical condition on Thursday, described as "pulseless and not breathing," before being rescued by fellow surfers and brought to the beach near the Great Highway and Ortega. They attempted CPR and he was rushed to the hospital, and his condition has not been reported. [SFGATE]
  • The planned San Francisco revival of the classic play "Death of a Salesman" was canceled due after a cast member, Richard D. May, was struck and killed by a car while walking to a rehearsal for the production last week. The production, by the African-American Shakespeare Company, had been set to open last weekend. [Mercury News]
  • The Berkeley Police Department has released body cam footage of the September 21st shooting at a car dealership when a man killed his son's mother, who was an employee at the Toyota of Berkeley Service Center. The event led to calls to 911 reporting an active shooter situation, and a police response in which officers shot and killed the man. [KTVU]
  • An Antioch elementary school teacher was placed on administrative leave after a Halloween costume landed her in trouble with the school board. She said she had painted her face dark to represent “the night” behind the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine she wore, but parents raised concerns. [KNTV]
  • In another police department racist text scandal, the San Jose police officer who was involved in the shooting of a college football student who had been trying to break up a fight, has resigned following the discovery of text messages in which he made derogatory remarks about Black people. [Mercury News]

Image via Unsplash/Cristofer Maximilian.