After a two-month contest and a week-long voting blitz, SF voters have elected their new “I Voted” sticker, which features parrots, a sea lion, Sutro Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge, and of course Karl the Fog.

San Francisco voters have been stuck on the edge of their seats since the new SF “I Voted” sticker contest was announced in August, potentially to replace the solid red with with text sticker that’s been in use for years. That ongoing contest was winnowed down to ten finalists earlier this month, which you the voters were able to vote upon. The SF Department of Election said they’d announce a winner on October 26, and well, here it is now October 26.

True to their word, the SF Department of Elections did announce the winner of the new “I Voted” sticker at 12:16 p.m. Thursday afternoon. “Hey SF! Meet your new 'I Voted!' sticker, designed by local illustrator, Hollis C!” the department posted to Twitter. “Thank you to the artists who submitted more than 500 designs, the panel of judges who scored each design, & the members of the community who participated in the selection process!”

Image: SF Department of Elections

Here is a fuller view of your new “I Voted” sticker. We’ve got some very handsome wild parrots, a sea lion, some California poppies, and in the background, Sutro Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the customary patch of fog.

Image: SF Department of Elections

The vote was frankly a blowout, with illustrator Hollis C.’s design getting nearly triple the votes of either of the two closest runners-up. (You can see the full voting results here.) Hollis C. will receive a $1,000 prize for the honor, though the second-place finisher gets $500, and the third-place finisher gets $300.

I figured the old red and white sticker was a dark horse in this contest, being a sentimental favorite, but lordy was I wrong. The sticker we’ve traditionaly been using was also an entry in the contest, but finished dead last with only 154 votes out of the 9,331 votes cast.

The sticker will go into use for SF’s next election, which is the March 5, 2024 primary election. You will receive it in your vote-by-mail packet, and it will also be available at polling places for those who vote in-person.

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Image: SF Department of Elections