Ten finalists have just been announced for the new San Francisco ‘I Voted’ sticker, with designs featuring cable cars, the Golden Gate Bridge, wild parrots, sea lions, and more, but you only have until October 17 to choose the winner.

The contest to design SF’s new “I Voted” sticker is no longer a contest to design SF’s new “I Voted” sticker. That’s because entries are closed, and the finalists have been announced. And voting is now underway for the public to choose the new “I Voted” sticker, replacing the popular traditional solid red with white text sticker that’s been unchanged for decades (though voters may choose to just keep that old one.)

The SF Department of Elections announced the ten finalists for the new “I Voted” sticker Tuesday morning. You can vote for your favorite online, or at the Department of Elections office at City Hall, through 5 p.m. Tuesday, October 17. Only San Francisco residents can participate in the voting, but per the Department of Elections, “You may make one selection per day for the duration of the selection period.” So yes, a multiple-day ballot stuffing campaign is totally allowed!

We’re showing you all ten entries below, designed by local artists. If you want a better look at each one, we’ve linked to a large-scale version of each in the text below. Here are your contestants!

Image: SF Department of Elections

Finalist 1 - Hollis C. (top left) is a smorgasbord of San Francisco, combining a wild parrot, a seal lion, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Sutro Tower. Finalist 2 - Nihar M. is just the wild parrot, before a hilly SF background. Finalist 3 - Patrick P. features a seemingly Grateful Dead- or The Residents-inspired eyeball with  the tip of the Transamerica Pyramid in the background. Finalist 4 - Allyson C. shows a Muni bus before layers of SF skyline.  

Image: SF Department of Elections

Finalist 5 - Angela N. is another trippy, sunshine truckin’ design with a wavy Golden Gate Bridge. Finalist 6 - Hugh N. has a colorful array of painted ladies, plus a Salesforce Tower and Sutro Tower. Finalist 7 - Jimmy L. features a prominent smiling sea lion before a Golden Gate Bridge. Finalist 8 - Carolyn C. may gain popularity with what at first appears to be a Pikachu on a cable car, but on closer inspection, it’s actually a floppy-eared dog.

Image: SF Department of Elections

Finally, Finalist 9 - Alice L. shows a serene Golden Gate Bridge sunset with a dark, hilly SF foreground. And of course, Finalist 10 - Original Sticker is the dark horse, as people might just stick with what they love.

Again, you can vote for the new SF “I Voted” sticker online or in person at City Hall, and the voting closes at 5 p.m. next Tuesday, October 17. The winner will be announced Thursday, October 26, 2023, and the new (or old!) sticker will go into circulation beginning with the March 5, 2024 primary election.

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Images: SF Department of Elections