Another immersive Peaches Christ Halloween Terror Vault attraction is set to emerge from the grave for 2023, and this year’s version is a cult-themed screamer called ‘The Initiation,' the trailer and details of which have recently dropped.

It is that time of year when ready or not, the Halloween decorations are starting to show up at Walgreens, Walmarts, and Targets across a soon-to-be-spooky nation. And with those preparations comes the first teasers and details about this year’s Peaches Christ “Terror Vault” haunted tour attraction at the Old Mint. And it seems like the 2023 version “The Initiation” will be an eyeball-ripping good time, and the terrifying trailer for this experience is seen blow.

According to the horror genre website Horrorbuzz, “‘The Initiation’ draws inspiration from San Francisco’s macabre history of cults, including the Manson Family and Jim Jones. It weaves a tapestry of horror that invites guests to become part of the play, experiencing the initiation process firsthand and surviving the malevolent leadership that drives the cult’s sinister agenda.”

Or will you be surviving?

Horrorbuzz is bringing us this announcement because they’re also hosting a Friday, September 29 Opening Night “VIP experience” which comes with some bonus aspects to the show, plus after the tour, “a lights-on, behind-the-scenes tour with haunt creators Peaches Christ and David Flower to dig deeper into the terror.” VIP upgrades are also available the other nights of the show, which naturally runs through Halloween. The “vampire bar” Fang Bang also returns to this year’s Terror Vault.

It’s not all death and despair at Terror Vault. The DJs of Bootie Mashup, plus the circus acts Fou Fou Ha and Vau de Vire Society, are scheduled to join for the “Terror Ball” on Saturday, October 28. Other special events are scheduled. Tickets are available now, and there’s current availability for every night of the show’s run. Though ticket prices can vary between $55-$85 depending on the date and time of the show.

As usual, time slots are available every 15 minutes. Groups will tour in groups of ten, and will hope to escape and direct eyeball mutilation in The Initiation’s chambers of horrors.

Terror Vault presents ‘The Initiation’ is September 29-October 31 at the San Francisco Mint, 88 Fifth Street. Tickets here

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