An actor playing a witch at Peaches' Christ's immersive Halloween attraction "Terror Vault" is apparently convincing and beguiling enough that she inspired an admirer to post a tribute on Missed Connections.

The post went up Monday, referring to "the cute witch who cast a spell on me at the San Francisco Mint this past Friday, on October 25th around 10:30 pm." There's apparently a "sacrifice ritual" in a haunted "forest" in part of the "Terror Vault" experience at the Old Mint, and the witch went around to the guests yelling at them, "You’ve killed an innocent!"

The Craigslist poster, whose gender is not disclosed, says that they replied to the witch, "Yes! They deserved it!" After this, the witch "proceeded to cast a charm on me, coming very close, brushing her fingers against my cheek, and piercing into my spirit with her hell-gaze."

The post goes on:

And I’ve been spellbound ever since.
This past weekend, I’ve tried to live my life. I am hungry but no amount of San Francisco brunch seems to satisfy. I am shivering but can’t even feel the warmth of a friend's embrace. I hear music but can't find the beat. She has taken my soul!
Now, I can think only of this hot Hermione and how she’s cursed me. I beseech you, please help me find her before my fate is sealed. I have until the next full moon.

As creator Peaches Christ says on Facebook, after she spotted the Craigslist post, "This truly is a testament to how great the acting is at 'Terror Vault!'"

"Terror Vault" runs through this weekend, and there are still time slots available Friday and Saturday — as well as one or two tickets for the last slot tonight at 10:15!

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