Apparently Narcan also works on dogs who’ve consumed fentanyl, as a one-year-old French bulldog learned that the hard way after likely ingesting fentanyl last week in Nob Hill — though the dog is now recovered and healthy.

I’ve heard of dogs getting sick because they found their way into the cannabis edibles stash, but this one is next-level. KGO reports that a French bulldog apparently ingested fentanyl in Nob Hill’s Huntington Park on Friday. But there is a happy ending to this frightening dog drugging, as the dog was treated with Narcan and was quickly as good as new.

The dog is a one-year-old French bulldog named Rory. "She started this moaning that was just so heart wrenching," the dog’s owner Mira Larkin tells KGO, describing the incident. "She kept moaning and moaning and moaning."

And given Larkin’s account of what happened at the veterinarian’s office, this kind of thing may be more common than we realize.

“They take her in. They say we see this every day. We see this every day," Larkin adds. "They come out not more than three or four minutes later and tell me that she's, like, wide awake. They gave her a Narcan shot immediately and it brought her back within seconds."

This obviously brings to mind last summer’s viral canard that dogs were getting addicted to meth-laced poop. That claim became popular on social media, though Vice investigated, and doctors said it was exceedingly unlikely that significant volumes of narcotics could be found in human waste. “It would require a lot of work and a lot of eating of feces,” University Hospitals medical director of toxicology and addiction medicine Dr. Ryan Marino told Vice.

This also calls to mind last year's incident in a Marina District park in which a 10-month-old human baby apparently ingested some fentanyl. The child was also saved using Narcan.

And in this case, the Narcan also did work on the French bulldog. KGO also uses this report as an opportunity to note that a new opioid overdose treatment drug called Revive was approved by the FDA last week for over-the-counter sales. Revive has the same active ingredient as Narcan (naloxone), and is expected to be substantially less expensive.

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Image: May Gauthier via Unsplash