This year’s record snowfalls are still reverberating in a good way, as Mono County’s Mammoth Mountain ski resort just announced they’ll allow skiing and snowboarding all the way out until August 6.

This winter’s incredible volumes of snow brought the second-snowiest winter on record to Lake Tahoe. But it was an all-time record-breaker some 150 miles south at Eastern Sierra ski resort Mammoth Mountain, with the snow piling so high it went to the top of the ski lifts at one point.

And lots of that snow is still there! Thus, according to the Chronicle, Mammoth Mountain is extending ski season through August 6.

“Following our historic and record-breaking season, we are stoked to announce that we’re staying OPEN for skiing and riding daily through Sunday, August 6,” the resort announced in a Thursday Facebook post. “It’s a rare treat - only twice in our 69-year history have we had enough snow to stay open into August (1995 and 2017).”

It’s not a full day of skiing. Lifts are only operating from 7:30 a.m. to noon, as the afternoon sun makes snow conditions too slushy to ride.

According to the Chronicle, the only other California ski resort to allow skiing anywhere near this late was Palisades Tahoe, which remained open through July 10.

Be aware that it is usually about a six-hour drive from San Francisco to Mammoth Mountain, and that’s if you don’t hit any traffic.

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Image: Mammoth Mountain via Facebook