The unusual, gale-force winds on Tuesday did plenty of damage across the Bay Area, including damage to windows on at least three downtown SF highrises.

Part of Mission Street downtown was closed Tuesday evening after at least one window came loose at Millennium Tower — which is something that has happened before in high winds. And around 20 windows reportedly failed at Salesforce Tower down the street, though it does not sound like any glass fell from that building.

As NBC Bay Area reports, cracked windows were found between the 11th and 30th floors of Salesforce Tower, on the Mission Street side of the building. This was according to Patrick Hannan from the SF Department of Building Inspection, which also sent inspectors to Millennium Tower, and to 50 California Street, which lost a window Tuesday between its 13th and 14th floors.

Millennium Tower is at 301 Mission Street, and Salesforce is at 415 Mission Street.

The Chronicle reports that there were no injuries related to either building's window failures, and "officials from the Department of Building Inspection worked with managers of the towers to start the repair process."

Both buildings have had window issues in the past. Cracks were reportedly discovered in two windows at Salesforce Tower in March 2019, though at the time, wind was not thought to be the cause. In February 2020, a window that a resident had propped open on the 41st floor of Millennium Tower blew off and fell to the street. Thankfully no one was injured in that incident.

These latest highrise window failures come just a week after several windows came loose at 555 California during another windy day.

Photo: Thom Mikovic