A challenging moment for congressional stenographers Wednesday, as the House Oversight Committee went hunting for dirt on Hunter Biden’s laptop, but instead found the Trump White House was on a warpath to censor the vulgar tweets of reality TV star Chrissy Teigen.

The Republicans are now in charge of the U.S. House of Representatives, and rather than focus on inflation or the economy, their first big congressional hearings are an attempt to rehash the old Hunter Biden laptop story. The intent of this is to bolster the narrative that “Big Tech” and some deep state overlords somehow swung the 2020 election with their biased meddling, but that narrative went sideways. As New York Magazine reports, testimony showed the Trump White House did their share of meddling too, demanding that Twitter remove a tweet from one-time model and now influencer/reality TV personality Chrissy Teigen, wherein Ms. Teigen called Trump a “pussy ass bitch.”

Teigen herself retweeted this magical moment of congressional testimony, seen above. Former Twitter U.S. safety-policy team executive Anika Collier Navaroli was asked about a September 8, 2019 tweet from Trump about, in his words, “musician John Legend and his filthy-mouthed wife.” Teigen chimed in to the responses to said tweet, and per Navaroli’s testimony, “I do remember hearing that we had received a request from the White House to make sure that we evaluated this tweet, and that they wanted it to come down because it was a derogatory statement directed toward the President.”

“Do you want the direct quote?” Navaroli was later asked, and the answer was affirmative. “Please excuse my language, this is a direct quote. But Chrissy Teigen referred to Donald Trump as ‘a pussy ass bitch.’”

The incriminating tweet can be seen screenshotted below.  Teigen reportedly deleted the tweet herself, and by her own choice. But clearly this tweet is now Streisand Effect-ed into everlasting immortal fame.

Screenshot: TMZ via Twitter

It’s certainly a whiff for this Republican-led committee that Chrissy Teigen’s tweet is the big headline and sound bite from the first day of these heatings over alleged Twitter censorship. But Wednesday was just the first day of the hearings. Should you care, the House Oversight Committee’s so-called “Protecting Speech from Government Interference and Social Media Bias” hearings continue today, and you can watch the hearings live.

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Images: (Left) Official White House Photo via Wikimedia Commons, (Right) @chrissyteigen via Twitter