Bakersfield representative Kevin McCarthy has just lost three consecutive votes in a row Tuesday in his bid to be Speaker of the House of Representatives, as Nancy Pelosi chortles and wipes McCarthy’s dignity off the bottom of her heels.

We will begin this post with a tasteful nod to history (before we get nasty, childish, and full of mockery), as your SF congressional representative Nancy Pelosi ended her second historic run as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Tuesday morning. While Pelosi will not remain Speaker, she will remain in her congressional seat, stating earlier today on Twitter that “I look forward to continuing to serve the people of San Francisco in the 118th Congress.”

Now allow us to ruthlessly mock former House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, on what was supposed to be the greatest day of his professional career, but instead has been his most humiliating. The New York Times reports that McCarty lost three consecutive votes for speaker on Tuesday, and his longtime bid for speaker is at best in absolute disarray.

The House has not failed to elect a speaker in the initial rounds of votes since 1923. As the Daily Mail explains, “The last speaker election to go beyond the first ballot was in 1923, when members took nine tries to name Frederick Gillett (R-Mass.) to the position.”

A rogue group of Republicans has been voting for Ohio Republican Jim Jordan, who hilariously, is urging people to not vote for him, according to the New York Times. “We need to rally around [McCarthy] and come together,” Jordan pleaded to his colleagues from the House floor. A couple dozen ignored him, and continued to vote for Jordan, denying McCarthy the 218 votes he needs for the Speaker’s job.

And in the most absolutely cruel (and hilarious) outcome for Kevin McCarthy, he finished behind New York Democrat Hakeem Jeffries in all three of Tuesday’s votes, in a Republican-controlled House.

At about 5:30 p.m. Washington, D.C. time, the Chronicle reports that the House voted to adjourn for the rest of the day, after a third vote in which McCarthy actually lost votes from the previous two votes. The House will resume business at noon ET (9 a.m. PT) Wednesday morning. And presumably, in the hours until then, Republicans will retreat to cigar-smoke filled rooms to either come up with a viable alternative candidate to McCarthy, or allow McCarthy to horse-trade to get the elusive sixteen more votes he currently needs to become speaker.

And as the New York Times explains in their wrap-up of today’s catastrophe for McCarthy, “Since the chamber cannot swear in members or perform actual work until the speaker is chosen, the nation’s legislative process was at a standstill.”

Your new Republican House of Representatives, everybody!

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WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 01: U.S. House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) speaks during a weekly news conference at the U.S. Capitol July 01, 2021 in Washington, DC. McCarthy held a weekly news conference to answer questions from members of the press. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)