In the illustrious tradition of Karl the Fog, we now have a Twitter account for this winter's atmospheric river — and presumably others to come.

Broke-Ass Stuart just alerted us to the Twitter that popped up this morning for Bob the Atmospheric River. With just five posts, all since 8 a.m. Wednesday, it seems fair to be suspicious that someone affiliated with Broke-Ass Stuart — or Stuart Schuffman himself — is behind this gag. (Schuffman replied to our inquiry with a shrug emoji.) But hey, I'll play along.

Bob the Atmospheric River, or @AtmosphericBob, clearly knows of his progenitor, and he's itching for comparisons — or a fight?

And I guess we should brace ourselves for more caustic humor about the weather and climate change.

"Compared to me, El Niño was a insignificant squall, for children. #climatefacts," writes Bob.

Unlike Karl the Fog, who in his heyday could pop up in just about any season, @AtmosphericBob is going to be a season-limited presence on Twitter, I'd have to guess. Though we could be enjoying more of his witticisms as the Pineapple Express brings us plenty more wetness in the weeks (months?) to come.

Just to refresh you or inform the uninformed, Karl the Fog, the lighthearted Twitter account personifying SF's frequent fog, was born in 2010 and went dormant in 2019 right after his book came out. Newcomers to SF and tourists like to tell each other that San Francisco's fog has always been named Karl, but no, it has not.

Karl, and the anonymous person behind the account, popped back alive on Twitter in early 2022 to say he'd been living with his parents during the pandemic, and the account stayed fairly active throughout last year — gloating about ruining the end of Fleet Week, etc.

And Karl was even tweeting about these latest storms, despite their not being fog-related.

Here's hoping that Karl takes the bait, and we can see who "wins" this Twitter war. (Karl, probably, and he has 358,000 followers, compared to Bob's 70 and counting.)

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