A very ferocious two-on-one pummeling in front of the Foot Locker at the Westfield Centre has gone viral in a Reddit video, and while Westfield management confirms the incident happened, the victim is declining to file any charges.

In the week leading up to Christmas, the Union Square area shopping mall Westfield Centre had an unflattering tweet making the rounds, purporting to show the place completely empty. “Westfield Mall, San Francisco, noon, the Saturday before Christmas, 2022,” the tweet said, in an image with openly three or four shoppers visible, and posted on the same day as a New York Times takedown calling San Francisco “perhaps the most deserted major downtown in America.”

Bad publicity to be sure, but the WestField Centre would probabl;y take that publicity any day instead of what was going viral on Christmas Eve. In a Reddit group called Public Freakout (described as “A subreddit dedicated to people freaking out, melting down, losing their cool, or being weird in public”), a video posted on December 24 shows an incredibly brutal two-on-one beating taking place right outside the Foot Locker store at the upscale SF shopping center.

We do not know the origin of this conflict, as when the 74-second video starts, the beatdown victim is already on the ground and taking a series of punches and kicks to the head. A Foot Locker sales associate quickly locks the doors to that shop, and one of the attackers is shouting “Full-on crackhead, bitch!” at the victim, though this does not draw a fast intervention from mall security. An incalculable number of blows are applied to the victim’s head before an apparent response from a security associate, who manages to get the two assailants to walk away.

“I want to buy some shoes!’ we hear from an exasperated shopper who can’t get into the Foot locker.

The Chronicle has some follow-up reporting, which does not confirm whether the incident took place on December 24, but does confirm that the incident took place.  The Chron describes it as a “fight between parties who knew each other,” and adds that “no charges were filed.”

The Chronicle also got a statement from a Westfield Centre spokesperson. “The safety of our guests and people who work at the centre is our foremost priority, and this behavior is inexcusable,” the mall said in their statement. “Our security team and SFPD responded shortly after the incident. Charges were not filed with SFPD by the individual involved, who conveyed to centre security that she was related to and knew the suspects. The individual was treated by EMS and released.”

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Screenshot: lancelotworks via Reddit