More than two days after six people were shot at Oakland's Rudsdale Newcomer High School, among them two students, police are seemingly without leads and increasing the reward for information to $30,000.

Kids remained out of school Friday after Wednesday’s Oakland school shooting at the Rudsdale Newcomer High School, which honestly could have been worse, considering there are three schools on the Eastmont Hills campus on which it is located. Oakland Police Chief LaRonne Armstrong said Thursday that the incident seemed related to "group and gang conflict," but more than 48 hours after the incident, police seem to have few other leads. That’s why Oakland Police are now offering $30,000 for information leading to an arrest in the case, according to the Bay Area News Group.

“The individuals who are responsible for this are still out in our community armed and dangerous,” Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong said Thursday. Armstrong added there was video of the incident, though it’s not clear if this was security camera video or cell phone video.

We do know this much, though. The Chronicle reported Friday that “it was likely at least one of the handguns used was a large-capacity firearm, which are banned in California.” There were two gunmen in the incident, who fired at least 30 shots, as well as one vehicle getaway driver.

And security questions linger at the three-school school campus. Six weeks ago, the campus had a stabbing in a “gun related incident,” and doors were supposed to be locked while students were on campus. But per the News Group, “Armstrong said the assailants entered through the school’s front door without the use of any special tools or breaching equipment.”

There is at least good news on the medical front. Yesterday we reported that the two remaining hospitalized victims were in serious condition, but as of Friday, one of the victims has improved to stable condition.

But that’s little comfort knowing that two gunmen with illegal weapons remain on the loose.

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