Sometime early Saturday morning, Double Play Bar and Grill — a San Francisco institution that first opened in 1909 — caught fire and suffered massive damages.

While the details remain scarce, barring a few updates from social media, it appears that Double Play Bar and Grill in the Mission District was engulfed by flames Saturday, September 24. According to a post from [at]check.this.out.415 on Instagram, the beloved establishment was reportedly on fire around 5 a.m. today.

"I woke up to the saddest news," writes Katie H. on the social media platform about the fire at Double Play. "My dad [has] been working here since he came to the US. The bar has been standing since 1909. [It's] sad to [see] that this incident happened this morning."

Known as a friendly neighborhood sports bar, Double Play was cherished for its laid-back, welcoming environment and string of TVs that had just about every game on them playing. Over a dozen beers were regularly on tap and there were never no less than twenty kinds of bottled brews to choose from; Double Play's no-frills and gargantuan breakfast burritos were things of gastronomic envy; the burgers and patty melts here — which included one of the city's best grilled cheese sandwiches — were top notch.

It's unclear at this moment what the future holds for Double Play Bar and Grill amid the damage it sustained from the Saturday morning fire. Regardless of whether or not the food-and-drink touchstone returns from the ashes, thank you for being a real one, Double Play.

*We will update this story as more information about Saturday's fire at Double Play Bar and Grill is released.

Photo: Courtesy of IG via [at]babyg.415