There was a very heavy police presence at Castro and Market Streets Wednesday morning, as two people were reportedly shot on a Muni train between Forest Hill and Castro Stations, but Muni service has now been restored in that tunnel.

Castro residents may have noticed a large number of police vehicles and helicopters around the Castro Street Muni station, and what little information we have confirms a worst-case scenario. Two people were apparently shot, and one killed, aboard a moving Muni train sometime around 10 a.m. Wednesday morning.

After a flurry of SFMTA reports about “police activity” near the station, Supervisor Myrna Melgar confirmed in a 10:44 a.m. tweet that “on the MUNI between Forest Hill and Castro station, we have been informed by SFPD that a shooting occurred inside the train.  Two victims were shot.  One is deceased and the second victim in hospital.  Perpetrator ran out of the train at Castro station."

As of 10:54 a.m., Sup. Melgar confirms that Muni service has been restored in that tunnel. A previous tweet from her notes that “the suspect is “NOT an active shooter at this time but suspect still at large.”

One Deceased in Double Shooting on Train @CitizenApp

Metro Castro Station (KT) (L) (M) (S) 10:05:32 AM PDT

Be warned that the above video for the Citizen app is graphic, as it involves an apparent victim being loaded onto an ambulance. The video is clearly from Castro and Market Streets, and is time-stamped at 10:05 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Update: Melgar tells the Chronicle, via information from the the police, that two men were in an argument on board the train, and one pulled out a gun and shot the other one. "The second victim was not involved in the verbal altercation but just happened to be right next to the other victim," Melgar said.

SFPD public information Officer Kathryn Winters said in comments to reporters that the incident does not appear to have been any sort of hate crime or have any connection to the Castro neighborhood. "I just really want to assure our LGBTQ community members and those visiting the city from around the world for San Francisco Pride that this incident does not appear to be related to Pride."

Winters added, "The San Francisco Police Department as we enter Pride weekend is going to be staffed to ensure safety at all of our events throughout the weekend ... to make sure that everyone is safe and has an enjoyable Pride."

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Image: SFMTA