Some more “shorts weather” will be welcomed in Thursday and is expected to last through Friday, but the National Weather Service is warning of an Excessive Heat Watch and high wildfire risk in parts of the East Bay And Marin County.

That smattering of rain and chilliness we experienced last weekend may seem like a million years ago by this time Thursday afternoon. KPIX reports that a heatwave is expected to roll in Thursday, and while it will likely only be a two-day blip, we are already seeing the National Weather Service issuing an Excessive Heat Watch for large swaths of the East Bay, much of Santa Clara County, and the eastern sections of Marin County.

If you live in an area depicted in red on the above map, expect temperatures in the 90s and 100s to start kicking in Thursday, and lasting into Friday night. San Francisco will typically be spared the extreme heat, and temperatures here will merely peak in the low 80s on Friday. But Friday will be the brunt of it, particularly in the East Bay and South Bay, and with that comes some danger.