You will be enjoying some balmy May temperatures Wednesday, Thursday, and this weekend in San Francisco, and it will be downright hot in the East Bay and South Bay.

Yes, the wind has finally died down and San Francisco will hopefully feel less windswept and chilly the next 48 hours. As ABC 7's Drew Tuma predicts, Wednesday will be the hottest day of the week, with Bayside highs around 80 — and downtown SF hitting the mid-70s today. It'll be 87 meanwhile in San Jose, and in the 90s as you head further east.

Friday will see a cooldown with some more of that familiar wind, but then this weekend in San Francisco should be a nice pre-summer respite, with highs in the upper 70s by the Bay and around 90 inland.

Early next week is also looking like it will feature some mild-to-warm temperatures in the city.

There is, unfortunately, an elevated fire danger arriving with the low humidity the next couple of days, and as winds pick up Thursday into Friday.

But let's stay safe, don't light matches near dry grasses, and get out in the sun.

Break out those picnic blankets and beer coozies — it's time to bask in what little summer we're going to have here before the winds and fog of June and July arrive.

Photo: Cedric Letsch