If you were in Half Moon Bay yesterday, you might have felt unusually cold as temperatures in the area dropped to 38 degrees — becoming the coldest weather recorded for that specific day in the city since 1993.

Just before most of the Bay Area is expected to heat up next week, Half Moon Bay got a bit of a cold spell yesterday evening that made for record-breaking lows. The National Weather Service (NWS) says the city saw the mercury drop to 38 degrees, besting a nearly 30-year-record balmy temperature that day.

Per KRON4, the previous coldest day recorded for May 21 in Half Moon Bay was set in 1993 when 39-degree weather descended on the small Bay Area metropolis. However, that intensely frigid weather is expected to vanish today and through next week as temperatures inch back to the 40s and 50s as cloud coverage evaporates.

“There will be some [stratus clouds] trying to rebuild at and south of Half Moon Bay,” NWS officials said in the tweet explaining yesterday's cold snap. “But with higher pressure growing over the next couple of days [the fog] will be a very compressed marine layer (if one at all) with a robust dry air mass.”

With most of the East Bay projected to see temperatures above 90 degrees next week, Saturday's record-breaking cold weather in the small coastal city will likely be remembered fondly come Tuesday afternoon.

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Photo: Getty Images/Ryan Herron