• The University of California will offer free in-state tuition to Native American students, beginning  in Fall 2022. But that said, the offer only applies to students who are from federally recognized tribes, and California has 55 non-federally recognized tribes to whom this free tuition would not be available. [Chronicle]
  • An ambitious plan to add 2,000 tiny houses to the San Francisco housing stock has been proposed, but so far, it’s all just a proposal from some well-connected volunteer and nonprofit organizations. Former Gavin Newsom mayoral campaign manager Alex Tourk (yes, that Alex Tourk) says “he’s identified 50 parcels of land across San Francisco that could house modular housing, owned by The City, state, federal government and private entities, such as religious organizations,” according to the Examiner, though there’s little information about funding. [Examiner]
  • Two great restaurants that we once thought were closing permanently, Far East Cafe and Sai’s Vietnamese Restaurant, are staying open and will receive SF Legacy Business Registry designations. Also getting the Legacy Business status are cult-hit Chinatown bar Buddha Lounge, Russian Hill Afghani restaurant Helmand Place, and the first mobile food cart ever to receive a San Francisco Legacy Business designation, Stanley's Steamers. [Hoodline]
  • A San Francisco man accused of beating and robbing an elderly man, and then carjacking an elderly woman’s car later that same day, has been arrested. [KPIX]
  • An unidentified 25-year-old SF man was found dead at Palisades Tahoe ski resort this weekend, presumably from a ski accident wherein he was not wearing a helmet. [SFGate]
  • Well, this is embarrassing! A Bay Area man who was fired from the San Francisco office of First Republic Bank  for looking at porn on his work computer has been charged with hacking the company in revenge, and emailing himself a $5,000 bonus. [Bay Area News Group]

Image: @chrislawton via Unsplash