So earlier today, we heard that Alex Tourk resigned as Gavin's campaign manager. It was a bit curious, a bit odd, but these things happen, although whenever somebody mentions that they are leaving for "personal reasons" the mind does tend to go to certain places. But no matter where your mind wandered, we have a feeling it didn't wander as far as what really happened because the Chron is reporting that Tourk quit mainly because Gavin had an affair with Tourk's wife, Ruby Rippey-Tourk. Rippey-Tourk (and woah, what a name) was Gavin's appointments secretary at the time.

Today, Tourk confronted Gavin after his wife told him of the affair. Thus the quitting. She told him because she was in a substance abuse program and had to tell him as part of the program. The affair happened about a year ago while Gavin was in the midst of divorce proceedings with Kimberly. It was supposedly short.

Man, and we thought SFist Gate was the big scandal this week. Guess not. And we think it is an understatement to say that it does not look good at all for the Mayor. Not good at all....

If you want to see what the reaction is like now, check out SFGate's Local News Blog.

Here's an update-- Apparently, there were rumors all over City Hall the past six months about something like this happening. There are also rumors out there from everything from a harassment suit being filed to Gavin resigning to pregnancy rumors. Oy vey.

Tourk was a pretty high up there guy and pretty tight with Gavin, even hanging out socially with him. Among other things, he was the guy who came up with Project Homeless Connect and did some serious fund raising.

As for Ruby, she is a a weekly radio host for a radio show for Benefit Magazine here in the city (check out the magazine covers of the recent editions). Also, she likes hand bags.

And finally, this has hit Drudge so batten your hatches. Ten bucks says Fox News will be in overdrive tomorrow and if you could have a dime for everytime they say the words "San Francisco Values" you'd be a Rich Man. Daidle deedle daidle Daidle daidle deedle daidle dum.

Uhh, sorry, it's late.

Screen cap of Ruby Rippey-Tourk on "View From the Bay" from the ABC 7 news site.