Rosie the French bulldog puppy was returned to her humans not long after a violent robbery on New Year's Day, and six weeks later police say they have arrested a suspect.

The identity of the suspect has not yet been made public. But the SFPD Investigations Bureau tweeted Tuesday that sergeants in the Night Investigations Unit "never gave up" on the case, and after issuing an arrest warrant for felony robbery, the suspect was located and arrested last night.

Rosie was taken while on a morning walk with another dog, on January 1. The person walking the dogs was the mother of Rosie's dog-parent, and reportedly she tried to stop the thieves by jumping on the hood of the getaway car, which was identified at the time as a silver Chrysler 200 — and she got a partial plate number as well, 7JPM, which likely led police to the suspect or suspects.

Within two days, Rosie was returned and back home safe — and it was unclear at the time whether this was the result of a $10,000 reward that was offered for her return.

This is just one of multiple French bulldog robberies around the Bay Area in the last year, and it's a crime that's being driven by the prices these dogs command on the black market — sometimes upwards of $6,000 per dog, reportedly.

One woman in Russian Hill who may not have gotten her dog back — we never heard an update — was assaulted at gunpoint and punched in the face as thieves stole her Frenchie puppy while she was out for a walk with the dog in January 2021. And just a couple of weeks after Rosie was stolen in San Francisco, another French bulldog named Tito was taken at gunpoint in the East Bay, only to be reunited with his Castro Valley family days later.

We'll update you when the suspect in this dog-napping is ID'd.

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