Two men, including one dressed in a full-body Spider-Man getup, are being sought by Campbell police in a Wednesday morning burglary β€” and the Campbell Police Department added a fun soundtrack to the surveillance footage they posted to Twitter.

Police in Campbell likely do have a lot of time on their hands, given the general dearth of crime. And they went as far as to edit the video you see below to include both the footage of the suspected crooks, and the old Spider-Man cartoon theme song from the 60s.

"Not your friendly neighborhood spider-man & sidekick," the police department writes, with spider emoji.

The trash can is believed to be full of stolen stuff β€” and it's unclear whether this was a residence, multiple residences, or a business that was burglarized. Also stolen: "various tools."

Campbell police tell the Chronicle that the crime took place on White Oaks Road near Camden.

Anyone with information about the crime, or about the suspects in the video, is asked to call 408-866-21o1. And no Spidey-related pranks, please.

SF has seen a bank robber in drag in the last decade, and the city was terrorized by an Evil Elmo for a couple of years before he packed up his Elmo suit and moved on. But I believe this is a first for the category of burglaries conducted in Marvel character costumes.