When the news of a Bay Area bank robber dressed as a woman who was thought to be a man crossed our desks a couple weeks ago, we paused. Was this a simple case of distracting disguise, or was this a transgender person Dog Day Afternooning it? Well, now we have our answer: the alleged thief is apparently a standard, garden variety dude.

Earlier this month we reported on the bewigged, purse-carrying robber who took out a Santa Cruz bank in a heist dubbed the "Mrs. Doubtfire Bank Robbery" by Santa Cruz Police.

At the time of the crime, bank staffers "were surprised to see that although the suspect was dressed like a female, the suspect was actually a male,” SCPD said, but a spokesperson to whom SFist spoke said they weren't ruling out the possibility that the suspect was actually trans.

Well, now we can rule it out, I guess, as police say that 31-year-old Brandon Calantoc, nabbed Monday afternoon in Carmel on suspicion of serial vehicle theft, is the Victor/Victoria responsible, Bay City News reports.

When cops searched his car, they found narcotics and drug paraphernalia, a bunch of stolen mail (Calantoc and an accomplice are also suspected of breaking into mail boxes, the Chron reports), and a purse and locket that looked an awwwwful lot like the ones worn by the robbery suspect.

SC PD swooped into Carmel to talk to Calantoc about the Doubtfire heist, CBS5 reports, and ended up booking him for robbery (with a wearing a disguise enhancement), attempted robbery, and committing a felony while out on bail. This, after Monterey County cops hit him with charges for the stolen items and drugs found in his car.

Calantoc, who was already out on bail in Monterey County on burglary, possession of stolen property, theft of access card data, possession of burglary tools and conspiracy charges, is now back in jail, BCN reports. His new bail has been set at $600,000.

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