• The suspect in last weekend's road rage hit-and-run incident in the Oakland hills has been identified as 19-year-old Daniel Won. Using a partial license plate, investigators located Won and arrested him Wednesday on suspicion of willful, deliberate attempted murder and assault, with special allegations of great bodily injury and prison eligibility. [East Bay Times]
  • If you want to get further depressed/freaked out about how long this pandemic may drag on, you should read this, and then read this.
  • An air quality advisory has been extended through to tomorrow for the Bay Area as there is a continuing possibility of wildfire smoke coming toward us — though most of it is expected to remain aloft. [Chronicle]
  • The California Supreme Court ruled today that prison inmates can't legally possess marijuana under the state's recreational marijuana law — overturning a ruling by a lower court that, curiously, said inmates could possess but not consume the drug. [Associated Press]
  • Alaska Airlines just announced three new wintertime non-stop flights from SFO to cities in Mexico — flights to Loreto, Mazatlan and Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo start December 18 and end April 16, 2022. [SF Business Times]
  • Reddit just raised $410 million in funding, raising its valuation to $10 billion. [New York Times]
  • Senator Rand Paul revealed, 16 months later, that his wife bought stock in Bay Area-based Gilead Sciences, makers of remdesivir, back in February 2020, likely using inside information from her husband about the coming pandemic. [CNN]
  • In more disturbing news out of Afghanistan, the U.S. is sending in 3,000 troops to Kabul to aid in the partial evacuation of the embassy there, with fears rising of the Taliban's desire to take Kabul. [CBS News]

Photo: Esteban Lopez