The SF Department of Public Health is now making house calls, and offering to come by your place and vaccinate you for free, provided you have a group of 5-12 people on hand for the shots.

Like any U.S. city, San Francisco is juggling carrots and sticks to try to get to a fully vaccinated population. In the light-a-fire-beneath-your-rear-end department, we’ve seen Mayor Breed require city employees to get vaccinated, and of course bars making proof of vaccination mandatory for indoor service. On the incentive front, we’ve seen free Giants tickets plus food and Skystar Ferris wheel tickets dangled to persuade the unvaccinated. Breed announced another persuasion move today, saying the DPH will come to your house and vaccinate you for free.

You are unlikely to get Mayor Breed and Dr. Grant Colfax to come for your vaccination house party, as the first few lucky recipients did today at the press launch. But Breed said in a release that “Now, we can provide a mobile unit to go right to your door when you gather a few friends, family members or coworkers.” You can call (628) 652-2700 or email [email protected] to make an appointment for “small groups of five to 12 people in their homes and workplaces” the get the shot.

“You and your family and friends can get vaccinated wherever you are in San Francisco,” according to the appointment platform. “Get a group of 5 or more friends or family together and request a time for the vaccination team to come to you.”

You get your choice of all three vaccine types (J&J, Moderna, and Pfizer), though anyone under 18 can only get Pfizer, and will require parental consent.

The Mobile Vaccine Unit administering these shots has actually been around since February, and has administered more than 6,000 doses at hundreds of events.

House-call vaccination is a very nice move, but today we were one-upped by New York City’s vaccination requirement for indoor dining, gyms, and concerts. New York is the first city in the country to do so, and it’s the mayor’s move whether San Francisco will be the second. Having programs like this in place makes those tough-call requirements a little easier.

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Image: @LondonBreed via Twitter