Now the Department of Public Health (SFDPH) is throwing around free Skystar Wheel tickets, Clipper cards, zoo and museum tickets, and free food at family vaccination parties the next three weekends.

OK, so it’s not the $1 million vaccination lottery they’re offering to people in Ohio to get the COVID-19 vaccine. And it’s not even the Levi’s stadium teen vaccination parties, because those parties had exclusive tours of the 49ers' locker room. But the SFDPH is moving into the “offering people free stuff” phase of the vaccine rollout, beginning today with a series of free family vaccination events with food, music, and a respectable gallery of prizes to sweet-talk more people, and anyone ages 12 and up, to finally getting their vaccine.

We will cut to the chase and detail what the free prizes are. “Prizes include free tickets for the SkyStar Wheel in Golden Gate Park courtesy of the Recreation and Park Department,” according to a press release picked up by FunCheap. Other free goodies up for grabs include “pre-loaded Clipper cards provided by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, free admission to the SF Zoo, memberships to SFMOMA, the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, the SF Botanical Garden and more.”

Not much detail on the food situation, the DPH announcements for all of the events merely say, “Join us for free food, entertainment, and giveaways with your free COVID-19 vaccine. Drop-ins welcome!” Anyone 12 up and can get the vaccine, and one does not need to have a family in tow to attend or get vaccinated. But the free shots and food and giveaways are only intended for unvaccinated people.

Recipients will receive the Pfizer vaccine, and will need to schedule a follow-up second shot.

The first of these is happening today, and the free vaccine family events continue as scheduled for the next three weekends with the following dates, times, and locations:

As San Francisco celebrates administering its one-millionth shot, it's worth stopping to appreciate how lucky we are that everyone who wanted a vaccination got one. Now we’re throwing Ferris wheel tickets at people to compel them to get the vaccine. We were worried when open season started April 15 that only the most obsessive MyTurn page-refreshers would be able to get the shot. Now it turns out the hard part is just chasing down the last stragglers, and if Ferris wheels and meals are the right incentives for that task, then the DPH will give that a shot.

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Image: @RecParkSF via Twitter