The 49ers’ Pro Bowler’s significant other has significant problems, as ugly tweets from five to eight years ago upend her promising career as a TokTok and Instagram star.

Last week, San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa had us rolling our eyes for continuing to be a vaccine holdout, staying true to his Trumper roots. Some of his baggage, of which the 49ers were well aware when they selected him, was related to his “Likes” of a 2014 Instagram post with the unfortunate hashtag "#n***areppin" and "#rapeandpillage," but these were other people's posts, and Bosa was in his teens at the time.

Yet the very same anonymous Twitter account that dug up those old tweets did so again Sunday night, this time exposing some very racist and highly homophobic tweets from Bosa’s girlfriend Jenna Berman. She has since deleted her Twitter, and her Instagram and TikTok accounts are now private.

Berman is something of a minor star on those platforms, particularly TikTok, on which she has 1.1 million followers. Her content is primarily conventionally attractive white woman thirst traps, though she occasionally dabbles in anti-mask rhetoric. She’s been romantically involved with Bosa since at least March 2021, per an Instagram post that generated curious amounts of media coverage.

We’re not going to embed any of these tweets, but if you must see them, they show a pattern of enthusiastic n-word use, gay slurs, and in one case, a request to make a baby stop crying “before I smack it upside the fucking head.”

The really offending slur tweets catalogued were posted between 2013 and 2016. We don't know this Jenna Berman’s age, but Nick Bosa is 23, so if they are roughly the same age, that makes her about 15 to 17 years old at the time. (And do parents never look at their own teens’ public feeds?) A high schooler does deserve a second chance after that manner of mistake, but if “social media influencer” is now something resembling a lucrative career, well, responsibilities and consequences become part of that too. Like, delete your old really terrible posts!

And it’s easy to say “Hey, I was 15, I apologize to everyone who my words hurt” and the whole thing blows over in like a week. This does not yet appear to be her tack. Her tack may be to play herself up as a cancel culture MAGA martyr, and that she is the real victim here.

But honestly, the real victim here is Chilling Adventures of Sabrina star Jenna Berman, who is not the same Jenna Berman, and probably takes endless flack over this other woman's shit.

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Images: (Left), (Right) @JennaaBermann via now-deleted Twitter