Bay Area football fans, at least the ones with political awareness and a conscience, knew they were probably in for some irritating and/or ignorant commentary from 49ers defensive end and noted Trump supporter Nick Bosa back when the team plucked him out of Ohio State two years ago. But when faced with the moral and medical choice of whether or not to get vaccinated, the 23-year-old from Fort Lauderdale is really looking to test your patience.

Not long after GM John Lynch announced that "more than 90%" of the team's 90-man squad was vaccinated, Bosa admitted to reporters that he's one of the holdouts.

"I’m just evaluating everything right now," Bosa said, per the Chronicle. "I haven’t made a decision quite yet."

Also, he complained that it was hard to speak with a mask on.

This statement smacks of those bizarrely undecided voters who, when faced with voting for a moron-demon incarnate or literally anyone else, can't quite make up their minds just days before Election Day.

Because if you still have things to "evaluate" about COVID-19 or the Delta variant at this point, it's clear that you either don't read good or you've been fed a whole lot of bullshit from your social media feed and your Republican relatives. I suspect, with Bosa, it's probably a bit of both.

Back when Bosa was just a prospective draft pick, the media was quick to dig up Twitter posts in which he criticized Colin Kaepernick for his anthem protests, and called all NFL anthem kneelers "sons of bitches." He also criticized the film Black Panther and Beyonce, and liked a post from a friend that contained racist hashtags like " "#n***areppin."

He had also posted plenty of crap in support of Trump, but then backed off all that for a while and filled his feed with more benign things as the draft drew near. And when asked about it, he admitted, "I had to. There is a chance I might end up in San Francisco."

Bosa's politics didn't trump his talents on the field, and he helped the 49ers through their first winning season in years, all the way to the Super Bowl in 2020 — even though they bungled it in the fourth quarter.

So, he may not be a staunch anti-vaxxer, but you can bet he was a few months ago. And now the rest of the team waits to see if he "evaluates" the facts of this pandemic and sees his way through to getting a shot.

Top image: Nick Bosa of the San Francisco 49ers runs on the field during the teams first padded practice at the SAP Performance Facility on August 17, 2020 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images)