Just when you thought it was safe to go back to North Beach, the Detroit and Chicago-style pizzeria Capo’s is setting off a frenzy with a Discovery Channel meetup Shark Week Party.  

The 33-year annual cable TV phenomenon known as Shark Week got underway again Sunday, and the Hot Shark Summer is going swimmingly thus far — except for one of the guys in the Jackass crew who was bit by a shark while attempting to recreate the “Fonzie jumping the shark” scene. There may be more such celebrity injuries broadcasted at the North Beach pizza place Capo’s on Thursday night, when the restaurant, bar and parklet throw their Shark Week Party, which started as a Reddit joke but turned into a real, live event you can really sink your teeth into.

According to a freshly prepared promo graphic that just went up Wednesday afternoon, Capo’s announced “Join us tomorrow for our Shark Week party! We'll have all of our big screens set to the Discovery channel, and also have live music from 5:30-8:30 from DR & The Blazers.” The promo also promises drink specials like Shark-a-Ritas ($10, Lunazul blanco, pineapple, lime, and  blue curacao), Bikini Bottom Shots (two for $12), Shark Bite Sangria ($10), and PBR cans ($3).

Screenshot: Reddit

But this time, it's personal. This whole event was hammered out in a Tuesday Reddit Ask/SF thread entitled Shark Week Bar?, wherein a user asked “Anybody know a bar that’s showing Shark Week on its TVs?” Before long, a respondent claiming to be a Capo’s manager responded “Guys, I’ve got shark hats and other fun decorations, while supplies last! Shark Week Party on Thursday!,” and suddenly, fin-nicky SF Shark Week fans had a place to watch the proceedings with their chums.

Capo’s is part of the pizza empire founded by Tony Gemignani, a Fremont native and the “Michael Jordan of Pizza Throwing” who’s also behind Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, Slice House locations all over California, and pizza concepts elsewhere across the west coast. Prior to Tuesday Board of Supervisors vote on permanent parklets, Gemignani told NBC Bay Area, “If we can’t make up for the lost [pandemic] income by just having some additional seating, I don’t know where we’ll be.”

Boom. Shark Week Party to the rescue.

Sure, Shark Week has long given up on its roots in marine education and conservation awareness, and is now a hotbed for junk science and shady "documentaries." And they don’t even have good celebrities anymore, like they did in bygone era of hosts like Andy Samberg and Rob Riggle. But if you want a Shark Week meetup, there should be plenty of fish at Capo’s on Thursday night.

Shark Week Party is Thursday, June 15 from 4:30-9:30 p.m. at Capo’s (641 Vallejo Street, at Columbus Ave.), No Admission Fee

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Image: @capossf via Instagram