It looks like the recent great white shark migration into the Bay Area is very real, and at least one came into San Francisco Bay on Saturday where it got hooked on a fisherman's line and proceeded to tow the fishing boat around for about two miles before the shark could be freed.

Captain Joey Gamez of Golden Gate Sport Fishing tells his tale to KPIX/CBS SF, and he says he's never experienced anything like this in the twenty years that he's been fishing in the Bay four to five days a week. Gamez was in his boat with six other fishermen about a half mile out from Alcatraz when he hooked the great white, and he describes the force as "like hooking into a Volkswagen that was a hundred feet deep and just trying to hold on to the rod and reel."

Gamez fought the animal for over an hour as it dragged the fishing vessel around the Bay, still with the hook in its mouth. Gamez, who drives in from Tracy to take sport fishermen out on these excursions, estimates that the shark was six to eight feet long. He says that while he's hooked sharks large and small before — between three and 400 pounds — he's never caught a great white before, and it put up quite a fight.

Ultimately Gamez was able to free the fish, and took some dramatic footage of the ordeal that you can see below.

Great white shark sightings were made by multiple pilots in recent weeks over the San Mateo County coast, with one sighting claiming to have spotted four sharks together near the beach in Half Moon Bay.

Experts say the sharks tend to return to the Bay Area, and particularly to the area around the Farallon Islands, to feed in the late summer and early fall after migrating out to the deep ocean.

Sightings of great whites in the Bay are rare but not unheard of. A family of tourists shot the video below in October 2015 after spotting a great white feeding on a seal near Alcatraz.