Maya — who looks to be either a purebred or mixed bluetick coonhound — was taken from her owners outside the Ferry Building Saturday. SFPD has since discovered the dog's whereabouts, gave Maya back to her owners, and arrested a suspect.

Dognappings, as well as other petty crimes, have skyrocketed since the pandemic began. Here in San Francisco, the past sixteen months have included numerous canine thefts.

(There was the 4-month-old Maltese puppy that was stolen in February; the five-year-old miniature Australian shepherd nabbed back in April of 2020; a five-month-old female French bulldog puppy that was taken after her owner was held at gunpoint; the asshole who literally pulled over to fake-help an injured driver on the Bay Bridge in March — only to then steal her dog.)

Adding to the growing list of recent dog thefts was the snatching of Maya outside the Ferry Building Saturday.

"We are searching for Maya who was stolen from outside the Ferry Building today," reads a tweet from the SFPD. "Let’s get her back to her family! If you know where we can find her please call @SFPDCentral or our tip line at (415)575-4444."

But... good news: Maya was found earlier this afternoon at 5th and Market streets and has been reunited with her owners — all on the same day. SFPD also noted that a suspect was arrested.

"Thanks to everyone who helped us search and get this information out," reads a follow-up tweet from the police agency.

Remember folks: Keep your fur-children close to your side and try your best not to leave them unattended for any amount of time.

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Photo: Twitter via @sfpdinvestigate