• While coastal cities and towns in higher elevations will be mostly spared from triple-digit temperatures today, inland areas will continue to scorch. Livermore, Concord, and Farfield are all expected to hit highs today that are just shy of 100 degrees — while Sacramento could get as hot as 108 degrees Fahrenheit by this afternoon. [@NWSBayArea]
  • There was a small earthquake near Hollister this morning. The 2.7-magnitude tremor shook the ground less than three miles from the city — though it was barely felt. [USGS]
  • Rolling blackouts were avoided in California for the second day in a row after California Independent System Operation (ISO) issued a Flex Alert.  But fires in Oregon and Southern California have also affected power supplies as of late, with Elliot Mainzer — the president and CEO of ISO — saying "collectively between [those] two lines, California has lost about 5,500 megawatts of power," which is a "significant fraction of the state's power supply." [ABC7]
  • With that in mind: ISO hasn't issued a Flex Alert for Sunday amid rising temperatures. [ABC7]
  • Bastille Photo Week kicks off today through the 18th. [Hoodline]
  • Fun Fact: Druid Heights in Mill Valley was considered to be "a vortex of social and artistic energy that bloomed out of nowhere" that has forever influenced the Bay Area's creative scene (and overall bohemian vibe). [SF Examiner]
  • A Bay Area doctor saved a choking fan at last night's Giants game by giving them the Heimlich maneuver. [NBC Bay Area]
  • The death toll of the Surfside condo building collapse has risen to 90 individuals, with another 31 still deemed missing. [Miami Herald]
  • Richard Branson, as well as a small crew, made it into and back from space safely Sunday — just days before Jeff Bezos is set to make his voyage into the abyss. [CNN]

Image: Getty Images/Chris LaBasco