San Francisco’s favorite phallus, and home to arguably the best 360-degree panoramic view in the city, Coit Tower, is open again Thursday with masks required only in the elevators.

Reopen-mania is sweeping San Francisco, and the daily drip-drip of fabulous attractions opening their doors again is turning into more of a firehose. Add to that list Coit Tower, the 210-foot art deco structure atop Telegraph Hill that “houses the largest Depression Era art collection in the U.S.” Mayor Breed just announced that Coit Tower will reopen on Thursday, June 17 at 10 a.m., and will resume normal hours, with masks required only while riding the elevators.

“From its panoramic views to the Depression Era frescoes painted on its walls, Coit Tower gives visitors a glimpse of the City’s breathtaking beauty and the resilience of its residents,” Breed said in a release. “I’m thrilled to open this beloved landmark to the public again.”  

Coit Tower has changed slightly since you last perhaps saw it. Namely, the statue of Christopher Columbus outside has been removed after repeated defacing and vandalism incidents. Ironically, it was almost exactly one year to the day before Thursday’s reopening that city workers removed the statue last June. There were rumors that a Black Lives Matter contingent was planning to tear it it down themselves and throw it into Pier 31, which honestly, would have been just magnificent.

The tower has been shut down for extended periods before, most recently when it closed for renovations in late 2013 and early 2014. It is of course named for the benefactor who paid for it, Lillie Hitchcock Coit, and was built as a sign of her extreme fondness for firefighters. SF Rec and Parks says that “Contrary to popular belief, Coit Tower was not designed to resemble a firehose nozzle.”

Oh, we know exactly what it was designed to resemble.

If you’re out of practice at visiting Coit Tower, it’s a $7 ticket for entry to SF residents, and $9 for non-residents. There are sliding prices for seniors and youth. The 39-Coit bus remains suspended, so you’ll have to either drive or hoof it. And hey, who knows, the way the Giants are playing lately, we might see that baby lit up orange again in a few months.  

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Image: Goodshoped35110s via Wikimedia Commons