• Funding for the ongoing high-speed rail project is once again under threat as a contingent of Los Angeles lawmakers are arguing that $4.2 billion should be divvied up for rail projects in more populated places. The "train to nowhere" that's under construction between Merced and Bakersfield will, someday, connect SF and LA, but frustrations about the project's delays and management have put its funding at risk multiple times. [Chronicle]
  • A police officer in Oakland saved a man and his dog from a burning car on Tuesday night. The car was found after a possible DUI crash in the vicinity of Park Boulevard and Estates Drive on the Oakland-Piedmont border. [NBC Bay Area]
  • You can expect that some restaurants are going to keep masks on, particularly on employees. Some restaurateurs are saying it's going to make customers feel better for a while. [Chronicle]
  • Chez Panisse just announced that it won't reopen for indoor dining until October. For whatever reason, Alice Waters and the crew are waiting a bit longer than everyone else, even though it is the restaurant's 50th anniversary this August. [Chronicle]
  • The SF Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a historic first step in creating SF's own municipally owned bank. [Broke-Ass Stuart]
  • SF's Public Works Department began its annual sand redistribution efforts today along the Great Highway, where drifts of sand have accumulated at about double the rate they did last year, possibly due to our extra-windy spring. [NBC Bay Area]
  • Actor Danny Glover, who has embraced veganism, is helping to back Oakland vegan BBQ restaurant Vegan Mob in its expansion plans. [SFGate]

Top image: Wilkommen in the Castro June 16, 2021. Photo by Jay Barmann/SFist