• A notice went out Tuesday to a vast number of farms and urban areas that rely on the delta watershed that they would need to stop drawing water from it. The notice, which precedes a curtailment order, means that all "junior" water rights holders (those whose rights date to 1914 and later) have to find alternative sources of water this year, or let land go dry. [Chronicle]
  • Temperatures in the 90s and up to 100 in the North Bay today and tomorrow are raising fears of wildfires. The mix of high temperatures and extra-dry conditions are a bad combination even this early in fire season. [KRON4]
  • The nonprofit that runs our electrical grid, the California Independent System Operator, says they are in better shape this year than last year in terms of avoiding outages during a heatwave, but Californians still may be asked to conserve power this week. [KTVU]
  • Santa Clara County Health Officer Dr. Sara Cody, who was the first in the nation to order a shelter-in-place last March, reflects back on the "safe landing" the region has made in the pandemic. [ABC 7]
  • Police are seeking three suspects who robbed a man in broad daylight in a Safeway parking lot in Alameda on Tuesday morning. [Bay City News]
  • Following a viral video of a theft at a Walgreens, the company says that its SF stores see four times the amount of theft than stores in the rest of the country, on average. [ABC 7]
  • San Francisco Sheriff Paul Miyamoto visited Chinatown for Reopening Day on Tuesday, in a press event to encourage more people to return to Chinatown, but many businesses there remain closed. [KRON4]
  • A new study getting a lot of traction in the media found that more than half of commonly sold cosmetics in the U.S. contain PFAS, so-called "forever chemicals" found in non-stick pans and other products that are toxic when they build up in the bloodstream. [Associated Press]

Photo: Matti Johnson