Charges made against a minor thought to be involved in an attempted robbery and carjacking of a 75-year-old San Francisco woman were said to be dropped by District Attorney Chesa Boudin over a "lack of DNA evidence." But that reporting has since been challenged.

As SFist reported before, three female suspects assaulted an elderly woman walking back to her car in an Inner Richmond Safeway parking lot in March. After being dragged to the ground, a good samaritan intervened to protect the woman from more bodily harm, as well as thwarting a possible carjacking by the trio of deplorable teens; all three suspects fled the scene before police arrived. Both the victim and good samaritan were treated on-site for minor injuries by first responders.

One of the teenagers — a 16-year-old girl from San Leandro — was eventually arrested, while the other two suspects were still being sought for the assault and attempted robbery.

In an original report from ABC7, the news outlet’s Dion Lim broke the story that felony charges against one of the suspects were dropped by the district attorney Friday. (This was confirmed by "multiple high-level sources" sharing the information with Lim.)

"I believe in restorative justice and I understand Chesa has a model but...his way of going about it is not working," says the good samaritan to ABC7. The unnamed male bystander also noted that he put himself "in a position where [he] could have lost [his] life" after breaking through the car's rear window to thwart the carjacking.

"I would have hoped we could have seen some kind of justice," he added.

It's currently unclear how the other suspects, who are described as not being minors, will be sought and charged in the crime.

Update: The Washington Post reports via an opinion piece that Lim — who has been vocal in criticism of Boudin when it comes to perceptions about crime in San Francisco — may have elicited quotes like the one above under some duress. And, "The charges against the assailant were never dropped. In California, as in most states, juvenile cases are generally sealed, so state law prevents the DA’s office from discussing the case with the public. But in phone interviews, both the victim and [a witness] tell me they were informed by Boudin’s office that Lim’s story is inaccurate, that the juvenile not only still faces charges but that she also had a court date last week."

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Good Samaritan Thwarts Safeway Carjacking of 75-Year-Old Woman

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*This post has been updated throughout based on new information.