Around 1:15 a.m. Saturday, a man was wounded when his red Nissan Altima was shot multiple times — from both sides, no less — while driving on Highway 4 in Pittsburg; this was the second shooting of a driver traveling on the same stretch of roadway this week.

Per Bay Area News Group, a Hispanic man in his 20s was shot and critically injured while driving on Highway 4 early Saturday night. This marks the second targeted shooting on the freeway in two days, police added in a statement.

According to the news organization, the California Highway Patrol’s Contra Costa office was called to the Bailey Road off-ramp to westbound Highway 4, the agency said in a release.

On-site officers then found a red Nissan Altima that had crashed into a backhoe at a roadside construction site. As they inched closer to the vehicle, police noticed the car was riddled with bullet holes along the driver side windows; further inspection shows there were additional bullet entry points on the passenger side windows and doors, as well.

“There are bullet holes on both sides (of the vehicle),” California Highway Patrol officer John Koven said of the incident. “It is possible there was fire from both sides of the vehicle.”

The yet-named victim was quickly transported to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek where he was treated for his injuries — and is now expected to survive. (The specifics about his condition remain unknown, as of this article's publishing.)

This shooting — being the second one like it in less than two days — appears to not be random in nature, but rather something targeted by a suspect or group of suspects.

According to KPIX, while Koven didn’t explicitly confirm where the driver lived, the CHP officer did note that the car was registered out of Pittsburg.

This past Thursday night’s shooting — which left the Hispanic driver of a blue Honda Accord with neck injuries — occurred in the area of Highway 4 and the Railroad Avenue off-ramp, just one exit away from early Saturday morning’s shooting.

While the two shootings aren't allegedly related to one another, they do each appear to be the result of targeted attacks. The motives behind them remain unclear.

Police are encouraging anyone with information about either incident to contact Contra Costa CHP at 925-646-4980. Tips can be left anonymous if wished.

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