• Following the arrest — after 25 years of questioning — of prime suspect Paul Flores, San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow says there is evidence that 19-year-old Kristin Smart was murdered during a rape or attempted rape in a dorm room. Flores, who will be arraigned Thursday along with his father, is believed to have sought help from his dad to dispose of the body, and the father's property continues to be searched. [CNN]
  • Antioch Mayor Lamar Thorpe announced Wednesday that the city would be re-establishing a Chinatown in its downtown, and acknowledging the city's racist past. A Chinese district in the town was burned to the ground in 1886 and replaced with a plaza where Asian Americans were not allowed. [CBS SF]
  • San Francisco's first location of H Mart, a popular Korean American grocer based in the New York area, is opening on April 21. It comes with a Korean-themed food hall that will include a location of local beef stew spot Daeho, and new location of Korean fried chicken chain Left Wing Bar. [Chronicle]
  • A 26-year-old San Francisco man, Jace Wong, was arrested Tuesday for child pornography — and he was nabbed after creating and sharing a sexually explicit video of a young girl at a daycare where he worked. [KRON4]
  • So-called "breakthrough" cases of COVID among the fully vaccinated, like the 39 recently documented in Sonoma County, are being tracked by researchers and watched by public health officials and so far, so good. [Chronicle]
  • A-ha! That wedged Maserati under the Oakland overpass did not belong to the driver, but it was not stolen — it belonged to his girlfriend. [Associated Press]
  • A new study has found that leaving middle seats empty on airplanes may reduce the risk of COVID exposure by as much as 57%. [New York Times]
  • President Biden today announced a withdrawal from America's longest war, in Afghanistan, symbolically by September 11. [Washington Post]
  • A CDC advisory committee adjourned Wednesday without a vote on whether to extend or make official the recommended "pause" in use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. [CBS News]

Photo: Darwin Bell